Scrum of scrums/2016-02-10





  • Blocking: Nobody we know of
  • Blocked: By nothing we're aware of
  • Updates:
    • organizing work to replace limn dashboards with dashiki
    • wikimetrics program global metrics deployed
    • moved wikimetrics from vagrant to docker-compose and it was a pleasant experience
    • working on cleaning up / organizing analytics files on
    • estimating uniques with last access cookies is in the final stages of being productionized
    • Joseph's sanitization of pageview data (for long term retention and privacy) is up for review by halfak and anyone else interested

Release Engineering[edit]

  • Blocking:
  • Blocked: none
  • Updates:
    • Train deploy rolling out wmf.13 this week
    • CI had some trouble due to lack of precise executioners on Monday, should be fixed now
    • Lots of scap changes in puppet getting lined up: provider, scap::target, service::node


  • Blocking:
  • Blocked:
  • Updates:
    • Reader survey will go out (most probably, if all the technical components work smoothly) as part of the deployment train tomorrow (Thursday)



Technical Operations[edit]

  • Blocking: ORES
  • Blocked: none known
  • Updates:
    • OTRS upgrade to 5.0.6
    • MultiDC work ongoing with the rest of Technology


Community Tech[edit]

  • Blocking: none
  • Blocked: none
  • Updates:
    • Continuing work on Gadgets 2.0 after receiving further feedback
    • Continuing work on PageAssessments extension


  • Blocking: none
  • Blocked:
  • Updates:
    • Completion suggester changes done, probably not deployed yet due to SessionManager things
    • Tuning suggester & morelike performance
    • TextCat language detection merged, will work on making A/B test with it next
    • Working on next year plans/budgets
    • WDQS Blazegraph 2.0 update rolled back due to serious bug, investigating the bug
    • Maps: blocked on security to deploy Kartographer extension
    • Graphs: disabled http / https protocols, use custom protocols now
    • Data: begining data storage planning (Yuri will add task # here :)



  • Blocking:
  • Blocked:
  • Updates:
    • Human-readable name patch is almost done:
    • Cross-wiki notifications will soon be rolled out to "real" wikis (currently in production it is only on test and test2):
      • 'testwikidatawiki'
      • 'wikidatawiki'
      • 'mediawikiwiki'
      • 'commonswiki'
      • 'hewiki'
      • 'hewikibooks'
      • 'hewikinews'
      • 'hewikiquote'
      • 'hewikisource'
      • 'hewikivoyage'
      • 'hewiktionary'
      • 'frwiki'
      • 'frwikibooks'
      • 'frwikinews'
      • 'frwikiquote'
      • 'frwikisource'
      • 'frwikiversity'
      • 'frwikivoyage'
      • 'frwiktionary'


  • Blocking:
    • I have got some pings outside SoS, but don't know if those are blocking
    • Packages for Jessie requested to speed up
  • Blocked: nope
  • Updates:


Blocking: Not that I know of.

  • Blocked: Metrics work currently paused pending some burning questions for halfak, MarkTraceur to sit down with him this week. Look out, Security, we're hoping to get security review on a new extension (see below) in the next few months.
  • Updates:
    • Labs instance with ImageTweaks (name WIP) going up today, email to (wikitech|commons|multimedia)-l later tonight
    • Some work on NewFiles, in particular filtering by tag, but it's not going super. MatmaRex wanted some extra eyes on it, but I think he's contacted someone already.


  • Blocking: ???
  • Blocked: ???
  • Updates:
    • The templatedata-based serialization patch ( ) didn't go out this week after all -- yet to be reviewed. Possible it will get reviewed this week.
    • Parsoid testing services (parsoid rt-testing; parsoid <--> php-parser html visual diff testing) fully puppetized and operational on ruthenium. Work ongoing to enable visual diff testing between production mediawiki and a non-production mediawiki (to test for example changes to parsing) using labs hardware ( ).
      • Would appreciate help from anyone familiar with hiera (to configure labs hardware to use existing puppet roles, and making any additional tweaks).
    • This week, Arlo will start Parsoid-side work to separate out data-mw into its own RESTBase bucket -- deployment is still some ways away. We need to finalize REST API versioning policy ( ) and also have all the various Parsoid clients updated. We will create phab tickets for dependent projects once T124365 is resolved.
      • Last week, Flow, Services, and us had a meeting and figured out a strategy for Flow since they use VE, but also talk with Parsoid (and not RESTBase).
    • Parsoid native implementation for gallery underway (heads up: CX, VE, Flow, Reading)
    • Tim working to collect source location information in the PHP preprocessor for errors / warnings and a way to expose them. Useful in general, but, also specifically in the context of work related to replacying Tidy.


  • Blocking: ???
  • Blocked: ???
  • Updates:
    • ???

Fundraising Tech[edit]

No blockers, most work is continued from last week

  • updates for new CiviCRM financial tracking
  • fixes and enhancements for backup credit card processor
  • prep for Latin America fundraising expansion
  • debugging email clickthrough tracking



  • Updates: beta v2.1.140 released but will not be promoted due Wikipedia Zero incompatibilities. v2.1.141 coming soon.
  • Blocked: the options API was not designed for storing collection-like data. Gather collections don't support inter-wiki pages.

Reading Infrastructure[edit]

  • SessionManager is coming back this week. Please let Brad, Bryan, and Gergő know if you spot any problems. Preferably before Friday afternoon.