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  • Language test finished, unfortunately not much user improvement found
  • Cirrus logs now available at wmf_raw.CirrusSearchRequestSet on hive
  • need ops help to finish
  • not blocking anything

Maps & Graphs[edit]

  • Vega 2.0 migration is moving forward, service is up, interactive is next
  • GeoHack in Russian moved to the new maps (example) – 0.5 million tiles a day, no server effect
  • BLOCKER: Services - what's the status of POST storage?



  • Q3 planning
  • Strategic pillars set (web global south, Android social interactive reading / customized education, iOS iterative improvements for people who love to read), testing phases over coming quarter (notable: divert 1/1000 unauthenticated desktop users to mobile web, cookies-based mechanism)

Android and Mobile Content Service[edit]

  • Content Service is slated to start rolling out Monday.
  • Map functionality to be promoted from beta to prod next release.
  • Moving long running tests from Gerrit triggers to periodic.
  • Moving more content from WebView to native components.
  • Wiktionary service endpoint and client implementations in progress.


  • Cards security review (Gergo will yield GPGMail)
  • 5% mobile web beta CTA (call to action?) to be suppressed
  • Browser test failures now only go to qa-alerts
  • Potential image progressive loading / not srcset-based


  • Gearing up for Beta w/ non WMF users
  • Universal Links (phabricator:T97785??) work is "blocked" on getting a staging environment for prototyping Universal Links behavior & user flows

Reading Infrastructure[edit]



  • Cross-wiki Echo notification work is still progressing well.
  • Flow external store patch is merged. Collaboration team needs to do follow-up
  • We need to follow up with DBA at some point about the Flow artificial primary keys.
  • Flow dumps code are merged, now we need to work with ops to get them running and published ( )
  • Following up on LQT->Flow conversion for ptwikibooks.
  • Previous approach to cross-DC Flow support was too slow. We're going to try a different approach.
  • Flow anti-spam integration also in-progress, particularly Nuke.


  • yup, am aware of it, will do (Marko)
  • note: we'll need to coordinate for merging and deploying this, as this change will need an op/puppet change as well



  • Added async support to parsoid's html -> wikitext serialization -- required to support serialization scenarios that require template data lookup or mediawiki API calls
  • Work in progress to support native tag extensions in Parsoid ( )
  • Using deployment lull to do some code cleanup and refactoring.
  • FY16Q3 draft goals published @


  • Big IME support change likely to land in master today. Shouldn't impact anyone inc. Collaboration's Flow usage. (unless they use IMEs).

Fundraising Tech[edit]

  • Campaign is up, making big bucks
  • Nothing on fire so far
  • Minor bugfixes and backup systems buildout



  • Blocking: none
  • Blocked: none
  • Kafka HW
  • High-volume API endpoints
  • tell us your needs!
  • EventBus
  • making progress in tandem with Analytics
  • finalising the REST proxy service's API
  • basic event schemas in place
  • MW event production
  • Misc
  • AQS
  • first attempt at deploying via Scap3 in Beta happening today
  • Analytics team: we will need some fake data for BetaCluster domains to have a fully-working AQS instance in Beta, cf.
  • RESTBase

Technical Operations[edit]

  • Apologies, will not be making it to the meeting
  • Blocking: none
  • Blocked: none
  • Updates:
    • Yubikey for all of ops moving on
    • LDAP migration moving on
    • Migration of monitoring to shinken ongoing


  • Reviews: Session/Auth Manager still in progress, Cards and Thumbor this week.

Release Engineering[edit]


Nothing to report