Scrum of scrums/2015-11-04

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  • Need help security reviewing Cards extension
  • Parsoid team: We will be contacting you with findings from research around slimming down Parsoid output for reading
  • Looking to deploy Relatedarticles extension and QuickSurveys before end of month


  • Transitioning to Marshmallow target API.
  • Fixing crashes identified in HockeyApp from the last release.
  • Identifying testing weaknesses and making improvements.


  • 5.0 Alpha released!
  • Should be getting ball rolling on API usage & Universal Links soon

Content Services[edit]

  • Removing mobile-html route
  • Renaming mobile-html-sections* routes to mobile-sections* (dropping the "html-" part since it's really JSON output)
  • Offloading transformations from client to service (except the ones that depend on the client width, a client setting or a click handler on the client)
  • potential blocker: Parsoid does not mark red links ->

Reading Infrastructure[edit]

Community Tech[edit]

  • No blockers
  • We may also need an additional security review before the end of the quarter:
    • Open a #secruity-review ticket, and we can negotiate Got it!
  • Community Wishlist Survey starts next week



  • No Blocker/Blocking.
  • Unblocked: Comment on Datetime widget:
  • Unblocked: T86385: Translate extension makes huge batch INSERTS
  • Work on CX suggestions continue.
  • service-runner patch in review, Puppet config for it in progress.



  • External store patch is ready to merge, but needs review from Jaime :
  • Same applies for artificial primary key for Flow reference tables : . I'll create the needed followup tickets today.
  • Dump work continuing
  • Just converted ptwikibooks from LQT to Flow
  • Cross-DC preparation work in progress. just rolled out, which will deliberately cause much of our cache to gradually expire and not re-fill. This will give us info on how Flow behaves without its Memcached Index cache layer
  • We're continuing preparatory and design work for cross-wiki Echo notifications.
  • We'll be resuming work on Flow anti-spam soon


Technical Operations[edit]

  • Blocking: none
  • Blocked: none
  • Updates:
    • OpenDJ LDAP server for labs migration ongoing
    • Mostly in maintainance mode this week.
    • Will try and migrate ops meeting to bluejeans next week.


  • Cassandra
  • QG EventBus
  • QG High-volume API end-points


  • Reviews for Sessions in progress
  • patches on the cluster
  • Secure code training Dec 3rd, email will go out to wikitech-l soon
  • We are probably going to allow "Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *" with "Access-Control-Allow-Credentials: false" across wikis (T62835)
  • Static analysis tools, PCI scanning still in progress

Release Engineering[edit]


  • Working on language improvement, A/B test started
  • Working on setting up Relevance Lab
  • Portal improvement work continues, posted public document about reasoning & plans
  • New GUI for WDQS with completion, bells & whistles
  • Considering deployment freeze in December
  • Maps: working with Wikivoyage RU/EN on adoption
  • Graphoid has been moving forward - now supports both Vega 1 and Vega 2 on the service side. Working with services team on restructuring its storage.
  • Zero had a number of issues last week, Yuri still resolving them.


Fundraising Tech[edit]

  • Lots of post-upgrade fixes for CiviCRM modules
  • Fixing email list generation and success tracking for November appeals
  • Troubleshooting Worldpay issues
  • Testing backup CC processors for December


  • article translation recommendations to be surfaced in ContentTranslation in the sprint starting Wednesday
  • deployed WikiData vandalism predictor in ORES ('reverted' model)
  • working through notes from security review for ORES service