Scrum of scrums/2015-10-07

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  • PageImages API now supports foreign files from commons
  • ZeroBanner had regressions
  • Bug that impacted the search schema resolved [cc discovery team]
  • Pagebanner extension now live on Catalan wiki and Chinese Wikivoyage
  • R&D on RESTBase/Parsoid powered reading experience.

Mobile Content Service[edit]


  • Nothing significant to report.


  • Nothing significant to report.

Reading Infrastructure[edit]

Community Tech[edit]

  • Talking about working on Gadgets 2.0 (what team owns this? Collaboration?)



  • Finishing initial Analytics assessment
  • WMDE reviews scheduled this week
  • UrlShortener review scheduled this week
  • openvas packaging continues



  • Analytics Query Service (pageviews) is up && running!
  • REST v1 Transform API
  • deprecating bodyOnly (=> body_only) and scrubWikitext (=> scrub_wikitext)

Release Engineering[edit]

Technical Operations[edit]

  • ops is going away on an offsite. That means limited availability
  • codfw as a caching pop is up and running again
  • OTRS test migration went OK
  • 86% of hosts now firewalled. You have been informed
  • Jaime Crespo (DBA) is requesting assistance on . Flow people have already responded (thanks Matt), more required.
  • Cassandra fails to fully utilize a host, moving into a multi-cassandra setup in coordination with services. This might influence aqs/maps, the idea is it will not.


  • Analytics Query Service cluster is up! We have to fill it with data and open public endpoints into it. We'll announce when everything's done and ready to query on the lists. Details: the cluster is made up of aqs100[1-3].eqiad.wmnet and runs RESTBase with Cassandra for storage. It's similar to the content RESTBase cluster but has only a single module (pageviews) which is most succinctly defined here:
  • Been working on the Quarterly wrap-up and trying to find other teams with long-term dependencies on us. Please speak up if we haven't contacted you yet.


Fundraising Tech[edit]

  • starting to batten down the hatches for peak fundraising season
    • please consult with fr-tech if you're planning to do anything that might mess with Central Notice in the next few months
  • tested banner history mixin on live campaigns
  • working on audit/reconciliation report parsing for new Amazon and Worldpay formats
  • making lots of progress towards CiviCRM 4.2->4.6 upgrade, upstreaming some fixes




  • Continuing design work on cross-wiki notifications, notification formatter, and follow-up work from Echo notification split
  • Discussing rolling out Flow opt-in to additional wikis
  • Working on Flow dumps
  • Preparing to convert pt Wikibooks LQT to Flow
  • No blocked/blocking External Store.