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  • Past week:
    • Improved error handling for disabled payments gateways
    • Work on templates for payment forms
    • Varios other fixes and improvements for payments
    • Queuing changes for improved isolation for PCI requirements
    • A/B test data on FR dashboard
    • CentralNotice: performance improvements and work towards logging a sample of banner history
    • Investigate strange banner outage June 1st (currently OK but cause not identified)
  • Coming week:
    • Mostly more of the same: queueing improvements, A/B test data on dashboard, mustache forms, CN work, various payments and Civi improvements and fixes



  • cxserver moved to logstash. Thanks Marko and Alex for all help!
  • Content Translation work continue.
    • Link adaption rewrite.
    • New shiny Special:ContentTranslationStats page.
  • We're going along with MediaWiki train now; no more separate ContentTranslation deployment every week.
  • Need:
   More clarification on what data has been lost during tag issue is nice. See:

Release Engineering[edit]

 * Was brought up in our weekly but looks like there's now traction
  • Updates:
   * Isolated CI stalled somewhat but checking in tomorrow to hopefully regain traction
     * Considering some LXC/Docker solution on permanent instances instead of node pool
   * Deployment working group continuing to hash out requirements
     * Starting to experiment with git based transport but with extras for binaries
   * New dashboard for browser test results live in labs
     * Enhancements to be triaged:
   * Continuing work on identifying/refactoring/removing flaky tests
   * Still hiring for Automation Engineer


  • Parsoid's dsh-based restarts (post-deploy) will break if ssh agent forwarding is disabled -- we need an alternative. Emailed on engineering list in response to Yuvi's email, and flagged in #mediawiki-operations as well.
  • The new Cite CSS module in core got deployed to group0 wikis y'day and will be in all wikis by tomorrow. Heads up to Flow & Lang-engineering teams that this is now available for them to use. Parsoid HTML will soon (pending review) be updated to rely on that new module for styling.
  • Will independently work with VE to have them turn on scrubWikitext parameter. Will move more DOM normalizations behind that API param to prevent Parsoid bugs from causing corruptions like on all edits. But, also heads up to Flow & Lang-engineering teams in case they are using that API param.


  • Blockers
    • Ops for maps stuff, but Giuseppe is on it
    • Code review for portal page, which KS will coordinate
  • Blocking
  • Updates
    • team = (David Strine) :: team
    • Call us "Discovery" now :]
    • Monday (6/15, 1900 UTC) showcase: Are we failing our users when they search Wikipedia?


  • Blocked by: None
  • Blocking:
  • etcd cluster is live. With fake data for now
  • Defining and automating how new (nodejs?) services make it to production
  • Labs issues, NFS continues to cause problems.
  • EQIAD Ganeti cluster has the first production VMs.
  • Requested to take a look at:


  • Event Logging seeing increased load but running without a problem since the last patches
  • Pageview API discussion ongoing on phabricator and analytics-l:
  • Unique Identifier discussion ongoing, DNT is a possibility again, details to be decided by C-levels in July
  • Moving Event Logging to Kafka is progressing well, we're looking to start testing the new pipeline once the Visual Editor A/B test is completed tomorrow


  • Continued converting LQT to Flow on 21 additional pages were converted. There was a problem due to packaging changes breaking Lua on terbium, which in turn broke Scribunto. However, this was successfully worked around for the 21 pages. 3 pages failed to start due to this. A couple more coming enhancements to this conversion.
  • Started a new feature, 'Mark as resolved', to change the user experience around locking and unlocking topic.
  • Continued patrolling enhancements
  • Continued OOjs UI work


  • Fixing lots of bugs
  • Group password policies
  • Wikibase Quality review in progress