Scrum of scrums/2015-05-20

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Search and Discovery[edit]

  • Updates
    • Elastic updates, restarts
    • Released WDQS 0.0.1 \o/
    • API documentation improvements
    • Maps/graphs demo
    • CirrusSearch performance and testing improvements
    • Initial dive into analytics -- ui/dashboard
  • Blocking
  • Blocked by
    • Still need OSM machine (in progress)
    • Analytics hardware is very overburdened, so slowing work
      • Kevin is working with Oliver to turn this into an actionable phab task
    • 3 different event logging schemes causes confusion--should unify


  • New hire, yay!
  • Patches on the cluster still
  • Ping: Yuri
  • Team at Lyon, so slow response this upcoming week.

Editing – Language[edit]

  • Team is back (partially) from Offisite!
  • CX deployment going as per schdeule.


Fundraising Tech[edit]

  • Part of team in France
  • Refactoring queues for PCI compliance
    • awight figuring out how to treat memcache as a FIFO-ish queue
  • Refactoring DonationInterface forms layer
    • using lightncandy, but have had to use handlebars helpers for l10n (like Flow)
    • is there a plan for translating messages in core templating?
  • Updating form error display
  • Starting A/B tesing widgets for internal dashboard
  • Coordinating deploy of core ResourceLoader change for CentralNotice:
    • Changes function signature used in some extensions - Andrew Green reaching out to interested parties

Technical Operations[edit]


  • Second Event Logging patch to improve batch inserts was deployed Monday, we see improved performance and handling of schemas with lower throughput
  • Visual Editor A/B test coming up this Friday, please reach out to us if you're planning any changes in your Event Logging use
  • Ongoing work includes moving Event Logging to Kafka, Dashiki improvements, and Pageview API

Editing – Parsing[edit]

  • Cleaned up our roundtrip testing script to remove some old cruft from 2012/2013 and improve our diff classification strategies.
  • Merged patch that emits html offsets for top-level children of <body>. Patch will be deployed today. This patch will enable RESTBase to support section editing for VE and other clients by serving them HTML for just the section they want to edit.
  • Restored serialization performance for Flow -- we had temporarily regressed (performance-wise) for Flow with recent code refactoring done as part of code cleanup.
  • Worked with Timo to review our strategy for merging and deploying patches that enables CSS-based customization of Cite ( ) .. this is still some time away, but heads up Language Engineering team. Flow has already confirmed they can adapt to these changes.

Reading - Web[edit]

Reading - Android[edit]

  • No blockers, regular manual releasing

Reading - iOS[edit]

  • CI (Jenkins v. Travis v. hybrid) and source code review (Gerrit v. GitHub v. hybrid) stuff to be discussed further at Lyon Hackathon

Editing – Collaboration[edit]

Still blocked by "Perform schema change to echo_target_page changing from a 1 to 1 mapping between pages and user/notification to a 1 to many." (