Scrum of scrums/2015-04-08

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  • CX is keeping us busy. Two more languages: gu, vi
  • Releasing MLEB this month too for Babel.
  • Dependency:
   Translate/mw-config: (Aaron Schulz, ?)


  • T94282


  • What has your team done since we last met?
  • What will your team do before we meet again?
    • RDF output
    • usage tracking
    • move on with units
  • Are you about to put something in another team’s way?
    • let’s see.. ;)


  • Server API contract change for CAPTCHAs that broke account creation on both apps - although this specific case is particularly spurious (technically speaking, tests would only work sometimes if using OCR), the general principle of API polling (e.g., Cucumber REST cases) is going to be examined in hopes of earlier spotting these issues in production (and perhaps lower environments as appropriate).
  • iOS app update approved, slated to go live Monday, 13-April

Mobile Web[edit]

  • Released Gather to Wikipedia a week ago - making further improvements, discussing with community
  • Jenkins build issues - seems to be randomly failing
  • Anonymous editing has been turned on by default


Search Team[edit]


  • Meta: moved tasks from old Core-Team project into tighter-scoped projects under the Search-Team project
  • MediaWiki-Search: (see the Search section above)
  • CirrusSearch: improved phrase prefix searching and highlighting
  • Wikidata-Query-Service:
    • Improve support for funky dates in RDF export
    • Expand data model for RDF export
    • Tighten control over RDF export contents

To do

  • Meta: Get edit access to Search-Team board; recreate former organization and prioritization
  • Ongoing interviews of search team candidates
  • MediaWiki-Search: (see the Search section above)
  • CirrusSearch: improve intitle:phrase prefix search results
  • Wikidata-Query-Service:
    • Create dumps transformation tool
    • Improve RDF export data formats


  • Working on graphoid review
  • Will start coordinating with API on 1.24.3 isues
  • iSEC report publishing next monday

Release Engineering[edit]

  • Continuing to work on staging environment
  • MW-Vagrant shuffling of service installation paths
  • By team browser test dashboard
  • MW 1.25 branch cut


  • Yet to fully transition to "Parsing".
  • Last week, we spent a bunch of time on code cleanup and enforcing standard node.js code styles.
  • Synced up with VE and Services team over Q4 goals.
  • Need review from ops:

Fundraising Tech[edit]



  • Joel Auftrecht (embedded from Team Practices Group) started on Monday
  • OOjs UI 0.9.7 released on Friday
    • Previous was 0.9.4; we went to 0.9.7 because we screwed up while releasing (twice!), tainting 0.9.5 and 0.9.6
  • Mobile VE should be less broken now (i.e. link tools should actually load now)
  • Test coverage for VE:


  • Event Logging outage Monday lost data for at most five hours. We can not recover this data because it was due to the disk being full and logs could not be written.
  • Dashboard for Visual Editor is ready to look at, and is updated daily: The data coming into Event Logging still has some pretty serious problems and we have a lot of caveats for anyone who wants to draw serious conclusions from it. (Come talk to team analytics if you want details).


  • T92324 Review Jenkins isolation architecture with Antoine
    • no movement?
  • T72068 Jenkins: Re-enable lint checks for Apache config in operations-puppet
    • Andrew Bogott offering to help review
  • T88798 Jenkins is using php-luasandbox 1.9-1 for zend unit tests; precise should be upgraded to 2.0-7+wmf2.1 or equivalent
    • no movement?
  • T88366 Some traffic is not identified as Zero in Varnish
    • no movement, but none expected.

MediaWiki API[edit]

  • Working on SUL finalization, OAuth updates and AuthManger
  • Merged a change to the mediawiki/vagrant.git repo that may cause "Call to undefined method Composer\Autoload\ClassLoader::setClassMapAuthoritative()" if things go horrible wrong (see engineering-l email for more details)