Scrum of scrums/2014-11-05


Facilitating: Dan Andreescu

Currently Blocked[edit]

  • Core Features on Platform, [1]
  • Mobile Web on Release/QA, [2]
  • Mobile Apps on Wikidata, [3]

Partners + W0[edit]

  • #152 mdot/zerodot webroot Accept-Language redirects for zero-rated access: under code review


  • Wrapping up Flow test refactoring project
  • Starting VisualEditor refactoring project
  • Starting to use Ruby linter in Jenkins
  • More Vagrant changes/support coming


  • Yuvi officially joins ops this week
  • Bugzilla migration to Phabricator date set for Nov 21.
  • #150 Need to make the action logging in Swift longer - DONE (removed from wall)
  • #127 elasticsearch hardware acquisition - DONE (removed from wall)
  • #153 disks for logstash, in progress, Gage is working on this
  • #144 Restbase deployment discussions, in progress / on hold. Springle is reviewing.
  • #147 Need a more reliable Beta Labs for QA - Has been pushed to QA mailing list for discussion. Card moved to Release column.


  • standardizing event logging schema talk pages to include purge information
  • labs db problems put our data warehouse effort on the critical path

Fundraising Tech[edit]

  • Unforked DonationInterface is up in production CRM, fixing bugs
  • CentralNotice cache footprint reduction
  • Payment form tweaks
  • New widgets for internal dashboard
  • Starting to integrate Google Wallet / Instant Buy
  • CRM features:
    • suppressing old email addresses on edit
    • customizing fundraising reports
    • adding new custom fields


Mobile Web[edit]

  • Nik Everett is going to start working on a WIkiData query/search service for WikiGrok
  • Still waiting on card #147 (new Beta Labs)
    • Follow up with Greg Grossmeier about this please, we will not be getting a 2nd beta labs in the near future.
  • Templates in core


  • Sucheta in SF this week
  • Roan working from NYC next week
  • Table editing deployed to test wikis today
  • Roan working on V8 optimization based on Ori's feedback, also on instrumentation


  • Parsoid cluster being updated to trusty and node 0.10 (thanks Alex) (prompted by a failed deploy for a timeout patch that requires node 0.10 but production Parsoid was running node 0.8)
  • Pushed patches to gerrit that should let Flow remove their dependencies on data-parsoid and will let us remove it from the HTML
  • I (Subbu) will be in India Nov 9 - Dec 12 (2 weeks vacation, 3 weeks working). Marc (marcoil) will be representing Parsoid at SoS next 3 Wednesdays.


  • UploadWizard for breakage
  • Thumbnail chaining on beta now, going to non-Commons wikis sometime in the next week, going to Commons in like two weeks
  • AaronSchulz needs to re-review the SHA-1 storage (platform!!!)

Task Wall[edit]