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Notable action items[edit]


Chris McMahon

Since last time[edit]

  • Maintenance on regression tests, builds are green now.
  • Keeping up with VisualEditor
  • Keeping up with Flow
  • GCI/Community work




Since last time[edit]

  • CommonsMetadata continual improvements for exporting image metadata, will be useful for exporting to wikidata in the future
  • Refactoring MultimediaViewer (slowly) to make it nicer to use in other projects (via hooks etc.)
  • Fixed issues when interacting with VE

Before next time[edit]

  • Further improvements on CommonsMetadata
  • Hopefully starting to use mw.hook for MultimediaViewer
  • Maybe some refactoring for UploadWizard, on the road to making it useful to other projects

Slowing us down[edit]

  • Working on metrics generation has basically been an awful experience, understandably, but we're excited to see improvements on that pipeline, more automation would be awesome
  • We had some issues with VE, but could probably fix this by conversing with the frontend teams and sorting out policies for naming etc.


Niklas Laxstrom

  • Done: #4 is done (measure translation characters)
  • Working on: new main page for getting ready for launch (includes sandbox)
  • Hairy: Work with Roan on i18n-json continues, json support for MediaWiki extensions done soon at
  • Many off until end of the year


Andrew Otto, Faidon Liambotis, Mark Bergsma

  • varnishkafka ganglia (FINALLY) merged and working.
  • hope to deploy to rest of mobile varnishes today or tomorrow
  • Mark decomissioned all Squid servers and removed squid related puppetization. No more squid!
  • much of ops currenty out touring data centers

Wikipedia Zero[edit]

Adam Baso

  1. 2 ESI headers - Mark and Yuri to talk to Brandon Black about whether a backported patch is hard or simple.
  2. 3 Support SSL - W0 this morning was talking amongst itself wondering if it would be best for the time being to implement SSL support on case-by-case basis like with X-Forwarded-By...until the hashmapper anyway.
  3. 17 W0 Varnish Configs - Ops and W0 need to keep the carrier-dependent configuration in place for the time being. Mark and Yuri to talk to Brandon Black about a hashmapper concept.
  4. 20 Handle trusted x-forward-for header - as far as we can tell, there shouldn't be additional extra work on this given our approach with Varnish. We believe this can be closed.
  5. 38 X-Forwarded-By review - this has been implemented, and we're doing some last minute verifications.
  6. 53 W0 dashboards - Toby, Chris, Dan, Yuri, and Adam spoke last week. Chris to backfill pending dashboards, Dan to email team anytime a configuration's language-project-subdomain support changes.
  7. 57 Firefox OS exploration - Jon and Adam have a basic proof of concept. It needs navigation. A change in core (including ResourceLoader) is the easiest way to make cache manifests work smoothly.


Tobi Gritschacher

  • We're having a sprint-break atm
  • Developers are mainly doing refactoring tasks
  • Not much development will go on from Friday on until Jan 6th
  • blocker for beta-depoyment from one repository (a.k.a. "Wikidata-Build-Step"):
   change needs review (Reedy):


Matt Flaschen


S Page Deployed on!, no outstanding dependencies