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  • A prefix with a '*' means this module can be used as a generator
  • '→?' column should have an X on the lines with proposed changes
  • '→?? - need a new two letter prefix
  • All core modules must have two letter prefixes
  • All query extensions must have at least three letter prefixes
  • Actions should not have prefixes

Core Modules[edit]

Page Type Example Used in the given page(s) Which pages have it List all in the wiki
Page Link [[Page]] prop=links list=backlinks list=alllinks
Template transclusion {{Template}} prop=templates→transclusions list=embeddedin→transcludedin list=alltransclusions
Categories [[category:Cat]] prop=categories list=categorymembers list=allcategories
Files [[file:image.png]] prop=images→files list=imageusage→fileusage list=allimages→allfiles
Language links [[ru:Page]] prop=langlinks list=langbacklinks
Interwiki links [[meta:Page]] prop=iwlinks list=iwbacklinks
URLs prop=extlinks list=exturlusage

Query lists[edit]

→? Module pfx Parameter and result changes
allcategories ac* from, continue, to, prefix, dir, min, max, limit, prop
X allimages→allfiles ai*→af sort, dir, from, to, continue, start, end, prop, prefix, minsize, maxsize, sha1, sha1base36, user, filterbots, mime, limit
alllinks al* continue, from, to, prefix, unique, prop, namespace, limit, dir
allpages ap* from, continue, to, prefix, namespace, filterredir, minsize, maxsize, prtype, prlevel, prfiltercascade, limit, dir, filterlanglinks, prexpiry
alltransclusions at* continue, from, to, prefix, unique, prop, namespace, limit, dir
allusers au from, to, prefix, dir, group, excludegroup, rights, prop, limit, witheditsonly, activeusers
backlinks bl* title, pageid, continue, namespace, dir, filterredir, limit, redirect
blocks bk start, end, dir, ids, users, ip, limit, prop, show
categorymembers cm* title, pageid, prop, namespace, type, continue, limit, sort, dir, start, end, startsortkey, endsortkey, startsortkeyprefix, endsortkeyprefix
deletedrevs dr start, end, dir, from, to, prefix, continue, unique, user, excludeuser, namespace, limit, prop
embeddedin ei* title, pageid, continue, namespace, dir, filterredir, limit
exturlusage eu* prop, offset, protocol, query, namespace, limit, expandurl
filearchive fa from, continue, to, prefix, limit, dir, sha1, sha1base36, prop
X imageusage→fileusage iu*→fu title, pageid, continue, namespace, dir, filterredir, limit, redirect
X iwbacklinks iwbl*→?? prefix, title, continue, limit, prop, dir
X langbacklinks lbl*→?? lang, title, continue, limit, prop, dir
logevents le prop, type, action, start, end, dir, user, title, prefix, tag, limit
protectedtitles pt* namespace, level, limit, dir, start, end, prop
querypage qp* page, offset, limit
random rn* namespace, limit, redirect
recentchanges rc* start, end, dir, namespace, user, excludeuser, tag, prop, token, show, limit, type, toponly
search sr* search, namespace, what, info, prop, redirects, offset, limit
tags tg continue, limit, prop
usercontribs uc limit, start, end, continue, user, userprefix, dir, namespace, prop, show, tag, toponly
users us prop, users, token
X watchlist→???? wl* allrev, start, end, namespace, user, excludeuser, dir, limit, prop, show, owner, token
In result: user→userid when asking for userid.
X watchlistraw→???? wr* continue, namespace, limit, prop, show, owner, token, dir
list=watchlistraw and possibly list=watchlist should be renamed to clarify their meaning. watchlistraw is a list of monitored pages. watchlist is the list of changes done to the monitored pages. Looking for better naming.

Query Props[edit]

→? Module pfx Parameter and result changes
categories cl* prop, show, limit, continue, categories, dir
categoryinfo ci continue
duplicatefiles df* limit, continue, dir, localonly
extlinks el limit, offset, protocol, query, expandurl
X imageinfo→fileinfo ii→fi prop, limit, start, end, urlwidth, urlheight, metadataversion, urlparam, continue, localonly

iiprop: dimensions

X images→files im*→fs limit, continue, images, dir
info in prop, token, continue
iwlinks iw url, limit, continue, prefix, title, dir
langlinks ll limit, continue, url, lang, title, dir
links pl* namespace, limit, continue, titles, dir
pageprops pp continue, prop
revisions rv prop, limit, startid, endid, start, end, dir, user, excludeuser, tag, expandtemplates, generatexml, parse, section, token, continue, diffto, difftotext, contentformat
X stashimageinfo sii→?? filekey, sessionkey, prop, urlwidth, urlheight, urlparam

siiprop: dimensions

X templates→transclusions tl* namespace, limit, continue, templates, dir
Bug 36220 - The stashimageinfo module shouldn't be a prop querymodule

Query Meta[edit]

→? Module pfx Parameter and result changes
allmessages am messages, prop, enableparser, nocontent, includelocal, args, filter, customised, lang, from, to, title, prefix
siteinfo si prop, filteriw, showalldb, numberingroup, inlanguagecode
Break up prop into many separate meta modules. See below.
userinfo ui prop
New modules
Module pfx Notes
sitelanguages sl Instead of siteinfo&siprop=lang → Get all languages as a {'xx':'language name',...} dictionary.


→? Module pfx Parameter and result changes
X block user, token, gettoken, expiry, reason, anononly, nocreate, autoblock, noemail, hidename, allowusertalk, reblock, watchuser
Results: userIDuserid.
compare fromtitle, fromid, fromrev, totitle, toid, torev
X delete title, pageid, token, reason, watch, unwatch, watchlist, oldimage→oldfile
X edit title, pageid, section, sectiontitle, text, token, summary, minor, notminor, bot, basetimestamp, starttimestamp, recreate, createonly, nocreate, watch, unwatch, watchlist, md5, prependtext, appendtext, undo, undoafter, redirect, contentformat, contentmodel, assert, nassert, captchaword, captchaid
emailuser target, subject, text, token, ccme
expandtemplates title, text, generatexml, includecomments
feedwatchlist feedformat, hours, allrev, wlowner, wltoken, wlexcludeuser, linktodiffs
filerevert filename, comment, archivename, token
help modules, querymodules
import token, summary, xml, interwikisource, interwikipage, fullhistory, templates, namespace, rootpage
login lg name, password, domain, token
X move from, fromid, to, token, reason, movetalk, movesubpages, noredirect, watch, unwatch, watchlist, ignorewarnings
opensearch search, limit, namespace, suggest, format
paraminfo modules, querymodules, mainmodule, pagesetmodule, formatmodules
parse title, text, summary, page, pageid, redirects, oldid, prop, pst, onlypst, uselang, section, disablepp, generatexml, contentformat, contentmodel, mobileformat, noimages, mainpage
patrol token, rcid
X protect title, pageid, token, protections, expiry, reason, cascade, watch, watchlist
purge titles, pageids, revids, forcelinkupdate
query prop, list, meta, generator, redirects, converttitles, indexpageids, export, exportnowrap, iwurl
rollback title, user, token, summary, markbot, watchlist
X unblock id, user, token, gettoken, reason
undelete title, token, reason, timestamps, watchlist
X upload filename, comment, text, token, watch, watchlist, ignorewarnings, file, url, filekey, sessionkey, stash, filesize, offset, chunk, async, asyncdownload, leavemessage, statuskey, checkstatus
userrights user, add, remove, token, reason
watch title, unwatch, uselang, token


Query List Extensions[edit]

→? Module pfx Parameter and result changes
abusefilters abf startid, endid, dir, show, limit, prop
abuselog afl start, end, dir, user, title, filter, limit, prop
X articlefeedback af→??? pageid, userrating, anontoken
X articlefeedbackv5-view-activity aa→??? feedbackid, limit, continue, noheader
articlefeedbackv5-view-feedback afvf pageid, watchlist, sort, sortdirection, filter, feedbackid, limit, continue
X articlefeedbackv5-view-ratings af→??? pageid
centralnoticelogs campaign, user, limit, offset, start, end
X checkuser cu→??? request, target, reason, limit, timecond, xff
checkuserlog cul user, target, limit, from, to
X gadgetcategories gc→??? prop, names
X gadgets ga→??? prop, language, categories, ids, allowedonly, enabledonly
X geosearch gs*→ges coord, page, radius, maxdim, limit, globe, namespace, prop, primary, withoutphotos
X globalblocks bg→??? start, end, dir, ids, addresses, ip, limit, prop
globalgroups ggp prop
moodbarcomments mbc limit, dir, continue, type, user, myresponse, showunanswered, prop
X oldreviewedpages or*→??? start, end, dir, maxsize, filterwatched, namespace, category, filterredir, limit

Query Prop Extensions[edit]

→? Module pfx Parameter and result changes
X coordinates→geodata co→ged limit, continue, prop, primary
X extracts ex→??? chars, sentences, limit, intro, plaintext, sectionformat, continue
X globalusage gu→??? prop, limit, continue, filterlocal
X pageimages pi→??? prop, thumbsize, limit, continue
X videoinfo vi→??? prop, limit, start, end, urlwidth, urlheight, urlparam, continue

Query Meta Extensions[edit]

→? Module pfx Parameter and result changes
globaluserinfo gui user, prop

Action Extensions[edit]

→? Module pfx Parameter and result changes
abusefilterunblockautopromote user, token
articlefeedback pageid, revid, anontoken, bucket, expertise, r1, r2, r3, r4
articlefeedbackv5 pageid, revid, anontoken, bucket, link, experiment, email, cta, found, comment, tag, rating, trustworthy, objective, complete, wellwritten, expertise-general, expertise-studies, expertise-profession, expertise-hobby, expertise-other
articlefeedbackv5-flag-feedback pageid, feedbackid, flagtype, direction, note, toggle, source
centralnoticeallocations project, country, language, anonymous, bucket, minimal
centralnoticequerycampaign campaign
clicktracking eventid, namespacenumber, token, redirectto, additional
deleteeducation ids, type, comment, token
deleteglobalaccount user, reason, token
e3acuxvalidate username, password, email
emailcapture email, info
enlist subaction, role, username, userid, courseid, reason, token
featuredfeed feedformat, feed, language
feedbackdashboard mbaction, item, reason, token
feedbackdashboardresponse feedback, response, anonymize, editmode, useragent, system, locale, token
feedcontributions feedformat, user, namespace, year, month, tagfilter, deletedonly, toponly, showsizediff
getmarkashelpfulitem type, item, prop, page
markashelpful mahaction, page, type, item, useragent, system, locale, token
mobileview page, redirect, sections, prop, sectionprop, variant, noimages, noheadings, notransform
moodbar page, type, comment, anonymize, editmode, useragent, system, locale, bucket, token
moodbarsetuseremail mbaction, email, token
options token, reset, change, optionname, optionvalue
pagetriageaction pageid, reviewed, token, note, skipnotif
pagetriagelist page_id, showbots, showredirs, showreviewed, showunreviewed, showdeleted, limit, offset, pageoffset, dir, namespace, no_category, no_inbound_links, non_autoconfirmed_users, blocked_users, username
pagetriagestats namespace, showredirs, showreviewed, showunreviewed, showdeleted
pagetriagetagging pageid, token, top, bottom, deletion, note, taglist
pagetriagetemplate view, template
refresheducation ids, type, token
review revid, token, comment, unapprove
reviewactivity previd, oldid, reviewing, token
setglobalaccountstatus user, locked, hidden, reason, token
setnotificationtimestamp titles, pageids, revids, entirewatchlist, token, timestamp, torevid, newerthanrevid
X sitematrix sm→??? type, state, langprop, siteprop, limit, continue
stabilize protectlevel, expiry, reason, watch, token, title
X titleblacklist tb→??? title, action, nooverride
tokens type
transcodereset title, transcodekey, token
userdailycontribs user, daysago, basetimestamp
visualeditor page, paction, token, basetimestamp, starttimestamp, oldid, minor, watch, html, summary
wikilove title, text, message, token, subject, type, email
wikiloveimagelog image, success