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New readers prototyping efforts related to supporting offline reading

The New Readers team conducted a series of research efforts over early 2016. From our findings, we're hoping to improve the way that readers in our target countries experience Wikipedia through changes to user interface, awareness, partnerships, and community efforts.

Reading web is helping on the new readers project by generating the mobile web prototypes that will be used for user research testing.


Tasks are born on new readers and live through that board. When tackled by Reading Web, they are moved to the reading web backlog (tracking or current sprint/sprint +1) and moved to the sprint board if being worked on.

Development information[edit]


For research needs, we need to quickly generate different prototypes of the mobile website, with different features, ease of deployment, and variations within the different prototypes.


All prototypes are generated from a single code base, where the features are feature flagged so that they are active or inactive at compilation time, depending on the prototype.

The prototype website is a simple web application (no server), chosen specially for ease of deployment (just static assets), and as such, ease of deploying multiple prototypes and variants easily.

See the for development and deployment instructions.


protowiki on github.