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To support our work around Accessibility for reading, we needed the ability to store preferences for anonymous users. To ensure we did this with input from a wide swath of the Foundation, we went through the Technical decision making forum and process. From April to August of 2023, 16 individuals representing 12 teams from across the Foundation discussed concerns and evolved our problem statement and parameters together. The outcome was a decision record documenting this decision and an implementation that accounted for these concerns and parameters.




  1. Yes Fait Identify the decision team and project owner (T333867)
  2. Yes Fait Define the problem statement (T333867)
  3. Yes Fait Get feedback from the Decision Forum (T333877)
  4. Yes Fait Research and prototype solutions – Summary (T333878)
  5. Yes Fait Make and document decision (T333882)
  6. Yes Fait Implement Anonymous Preference Persistence API (T333883)


Persistent Preference Guardrails
Diagram of output from May 17 discussion of persistent preferences guardrails
août 2023
juillet 2023

July 27: TDF Finalization discussion – action items

mai 2023
  • May 17: TDF Feedback discussion 2 – notes, diagram to the side
  • May 2: TDF Feedback discussion 1 – notes
avril 2023
  • April 24: Technical Decision Forum Feedback meeting – notes
  • April 3: TDMP Ticket Created – T333867
mars 2023

Mar 22: Proposal submitted to the Technical Decision Forumproposal

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