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How do I get started?[edit]

Web volunteers can get involved in our projects by searching for tasks on Phabricator tagged #goodfirstbug AND #readers-web-backlog. If you are interested in contributing please comment on the task letting us know that you plan on working on the task and what your time commitments are (e.g. "I plan to work on this task for the next 3 months, in my evenings after school."). If you are unable to complete the task - don't worry - it doesn't reflect badly on you - it's more likely the task was badly tagged or that your skillset is not best matched for the task. We'll work with you in Phabricator to help you find something better suited and help you get some Wikimedia contributions to your name in no time!

How do I work on something larger than just a bug[edit]

After submitting a few bug fixes, you might want to work on something larger. These could be a vehicle to learning more about software development or something that interests you or a feature/problem with MediaWiki or any of the sites using it that you want to solve. Provided you have shown that you are an able and responsive volunteer through activity in our project, it's possible that the team may be able to match you to an #epic in our backlog and guide you with work towards resolving a larger problem. Epics tend to involve several weeks or months of work with small tasks. These can be rewarding as tend to have more impact on the movement and its goals in comparison to a bug fix. Take a look at the epics in our backlog for some ideas.

How do I get +2 privileges?[edit]

The team will nominate and support deserving and trusted volunteers who have consistently contributed quality code to our projects.

How do I become a credited author?[edit]

For volunteers who show commitment to certain projects, it is a great honour to be listed in the credits of the project meaning your name will show in Special:Version.

Credited authors must:

  • display a consistent pattern of contributions on the project spanning a period of 1 year
  • Should be able to name two large and distinctly unrelated projects they've worked on that have improved the project (e.g. I built the X feature and I helped with the migration to Y!)
  • Have made at least 100 amount of commits to the project (although on smaller projects where there are less contributions this will be waived)
  • Has +2 rights in the project (or across all projects)
  • At least 2 existing members that are active on the project support your credited author status
  • Have shown interaction on bugs in the project e.g. commenting on tasks/analysing tasks/helping with reproduction steps on Phabricator with contributions for a period of 6 months or more.