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Why we care

Why do we want to promote MediaWiki? Because we love it, and we want the world to see it. We'll provide the resources, so you can do more of what you want. To promote MediaWiki. And if you find a new way to promote MediaWiki, well, go ahead, this is a wiki! Add your contribution right to this page.

So what do I do?

That's a good question. What can you do? Well, this page is here to help. Here's a few things you can do to help promote MediaWiki.

  • Share us with your friends on social media
  • Use #MediaWiki on Twitter
    • MediaWiki may retweet or share you, and everyone profits!
  • Blog or microblog about MediaWiki
    • Talk about your experiences, your stories, anything at all
    • Use MediaWiki tags
  • Upload screenshots, just talk about MediaWiki to promote us—if you love it, it shouldn't be hard.
  • Link to us from your website


Looking for Media you can use to rehash into your own work?

Find more images and logos.


Here are some awesome posters you can print out.

HTML snippets

Use these on your website to promote MediaWiki

MediaWiki logo ad

<a href="">
	<img alt="Support MediaWiki" src="//" srcset="// 1.5x, // 2x">

Support MediaWiki

Help us share MediaWiki

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