Social media


This page describes the social media channels used for posting information useful to the Wikimedia technology community and explains how to post to these channels.


Social media websites are useful for spreading news and reaching out to potential users and contributors. Social media can also be very demanding and time-consuming. Careless use can fragment communities, draining away free content and public contacts to social media platform owners' frequently closed and commercially-driven environments.

Social media channels

There are several accounts used frequently to share news about Wikimedia Technology and the MediaWiki Community.


Wikimedia Technology

Current maintainers

Our operating rules

  • Topics we post about:
    • MediaWiki: Directly: News and information relevant to MediaWiki software and the MediaWiki project, information from MediaWiki News, calls for mentors for outreach programs. Retweeets: new stories published on the Wikimedia Technical Blog, Upcoming Technical Talks
    • Wikitech: Directly: News from the Wikimedia Technical Movement, occasional news and information from Wikimedia and Wikidata, news and information about related technology and the Open Source Software movement, quarterly promotions of Tech News and Quarterly Technical Community Newsletter, calls for mentors and mentees for technical outreach programs, new stories published on the Wikimedia Technical Blog, Upcoming Technical Talks, technical office hours
  • Retweeting: We will retweet some posts between the MediaWiki and Wikitech accounts. As a general rule, we rarely retweet other user accounts.
  • Likes: We occasionally like posts from other accounts
  • Replies: We do not reply or respond from the @MediaWiki and @Wikimediatech accounts. The social media channels are not support channels.
  • Timing: It is our goal to post from each account to several times a week.

Please note, we feel it's important to operate conservatively on social media channels and seek to ensure our posts maintain a neutral point of view.

Posting to Twitter and Facebook

Do you have news or an announcement you would like us to post to Wikimedia Technology Twitter and/or Facebook? Reach out to us! The person listed as maintaining the platform will be able to help you.