For the extension itself, see Extension:CheckUser.

This page documents a proposed policy to govern the use of CheckUser on this wiki. It is not effective yet.


CheckUser may be used to:

  1. Investigate sock puppetry, including cross-wiki cases
  2. Determine whether a particular editor needs IP block exemption
  3. Developing the CheckUser extension (declared and verified extension developers only). In general, only blocked spam accounts should be checked, not good-faith editors.

It may not be used to:

  1. Inappropriately out the IP addresses of users or threaten to do so.
  2. Perform checks in situations where there are little grounds to do checks.

CheckUser abuse may be investigated on Meta, and usually results in permanent removal of access.


All users requesting CheckUser should do so by adding a request at Project:Requests.

Requirements for CheckUsers[edit]

  1. CheckUsers must be at least 18 years of age and of their country's age of majority.
  2. They must have identified to the Wikimedia Foundation
  3. There must be at least two local CheckUsers or none at all
  4. CheckUsers must agree with the Wikimedia Foundation's privacy policy

Granting access[edit]

Stewards do not need local consensus to become local CheckUsers; however other users require at least 2 weeks of discussion and at least around 85% support, with at least 25 !votes. Stewards may not perform checks on this wiki without first gaining complete local CheckUser status, except cross-wiki or emergency cases. They may assign themselves CheckUser status on their own, and should consider it full local CheckUser-ship. If they lose their steward status, they need to reconfirm their local CheckUser status in another user rights request like a non-steward. If any local CheckUser, including stewards, is inactive for a continuous period of a year or more, they will lose their local CheckUser access.

Non-stewards have CheckUser access assigned by stewards. These changes are not logged here but at the log on Meta.

List of local CheckUsers[edit]

This list does not include stewards who have not become complete local CheckUsers. All new CheckUsers should place their names at the bottom of the appropriate list, signing their names with ~~~~.


Policy not in effect

Developers of CheckUser[edit]

This section is only for local CheckUsers who need it only for development purposes. If they also are actively combating abuse, they should list themselves above. Policy not in effect


Stewards should add their names to this list when they assign themselves CheckUser status. Policy not in effect