Product Ambassadors


The Product Ambassadors are part-time contractors hired by the Wikimedia Foundation to let our Product department teams work closely with Wikimedia communities. The point is to involve those communities over time, getting a kind of close feedback we otherwise can't get, from communities we otherwise have a difficult time talking to. They are experienced Wikimedians who understand how their Wikimedia community operates and can help us reach out, bridge the language gap, have local conversations over time, and keep track of what is happening in their local community.

They work for a limited number of hours per week – typically 5–10 hours – and help us by communicating, translating, contextualising the technical feedback we get and explaining local norms around workflows.

Product Ambassadors work with one or a couple of teams, within specific projects, and are not expected to be a general ambassador between their community and the Wikimedia Foundation for all relevant matters.

Johan Jönsson is responsible for the program.