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This listing covers a variety of Personae, Archetypes, and Role-keywords.

External Research:

Internal Research:

Page Years Demographic notes
Developer Advocacy/Developer Portal#Core audiences 2021 Developers and Users
Movement Organizers 2019 Organizers
Personas for product development 2015-... Users Compilation
Mobile Personas 2018 Users in India
Mobile Personas 2018 Users in United States
Wikimedia Cloud Services team/Our audiences 2018 Developers and Users
File:GLAM personas for Structured Data on Commons 2017-... Users on Commons
New Editor Experiences 2017-... Editors in Czech Republic and South Korea
Technology teams and audiences 2017 Developers and Users
Wikimedia Apps/Synced Reading Lists#Personas and Stories 2017 Readers
File:WMF Understanding of Audience Maps 2016 All
New Readers in Nigeria#User personas and India#User personas 2016-... Readers in Nigeria and India
File:WMF pragmatic personas product 2015-... Users
Wikimedia Product Development/Personæ 2014-2015 Users and Developers
Anonymous editor acquisition#Anonymous editor personas 2013-2014 Editors 2013-2015 Developers
Wikimedia Mobile engineering/Personas 2012 Users
Growth/Personas (0-1 edits) 2012 Editors