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Wikimedia Mobile engineering/Personas

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The following is a list of personas that are relevant to mobile features development.

Reader, non-contributor (-1)[edit]


Professor in Sao Paulo
Speaks English and Portuguese
  • Accesses the mobile site sporadically, via a Google search
  • Doesn't distinguish between Google and Wikipedia – it's all "the Internet"
  • Only spends a minute or two to find what she's looking for; rarely scrolls past the lead
  • Values ease, speed, and a user-friendly interface


Accountant in London
Only speaks English
  • Accesses the site directly via an app while commuting
  • May spend the whole commute reading articles or clicking around on links
  • Loves reading Wikipedia but doesn't consider himself to be an expert in anything, so not interested in contributing
  • Values an immersive reading experience without clutter or interruption

Reader, possible contributor (0)[edit]


Office worker in Phoenix
Only speaks English
  • Passionate hobbyist; accesses Wikipedia via search for information on his favorite hobbies/projects
  • Regularly participates in discussion and shares content in online communities like Reddit and Facebook
  • Would like to create and improve Wikipedia articles about hobbies he has expertise in, but not sure how or where to start
  • Saving, sharing, and providing feedback appeal to him

New editor (1-10)[edit]


College student in Cairo
Speaks and reads English and Arabic
  • Mainly reads and edits English Wikipedia because of higher visibility and ease of keyboard input
  • Has some experience editing wikis and feels comfortable fixing the occasional mistake or typo on the desktop site
  • Has an account but is primarily a reader, uses Wikipedia as a reference tool in school
  • Would be interested in fast, easy ways to contribute, like tagging and patrolling, via mobile


Museum curator in Toronto
Speaks and reads English, French, and Spanish
  • Frequently reads Wikipedia and likes to compare different language versions
  • Wants to photograph objects in her museum and add to Wikipedia
  • Recently created an account and wrote her first article on English Wikipedia
  • Wants to monitor editing activity on her article and address issues raised by other editors
  • Wants to share her work on articles with colleagues who are experts in the topic

Experienced editor (100+)[edit]


High school student in Bangalore
Speaks Kannada, Hindi and English, reads and writes primarily in English
  • Aware of Kannada and Hindi Wikipedia but prefers to edit and read the larger, more popular English project
  • Has been editing English Wikipedia for several years
  • Loves the freedom to do what he wants on the site and does a little bit of everything
  • Edits the desktop site on his laptop and on his phone
  • Would like more flexibility/ease to do some of his most vital activities on mobile, like patrolling and responding to discussions