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Warning Warning: The ORES infrastructure is being deprecated by the Machine Learning team, please check wikitech:ORES for more info.

This is a list of the stakeholders with some interest in ORES. Please add yourself to this list so that we may include you in discussions and decisions about our work, and update contact info when maintainers change.

This should be ordered by descending engagement and current activity level, which do not necessarily equate to the priority given in decision-making.

Public contact is where our dialogue should happen with each group of stakeholders. The ideal is for most of the people and organizations here to interact in a horizontal fashion with one another, perhaps using the ai@ mailing list.

Interest Public contact
Wikimedia Machine Learning team Employees: Core developers of ORES. ai@lists.wikimedia.org
Volunteer developers "Employees": Participate in development. ai@lists.wikimedia.org
Wiki liasons Owner: Representatives and peers from each wiki integrating with ORES, who get the final say on what is deployed and which features are activated. Provide developers help with language and culture, and maintain bad words. mass delivery?
WMF Collab team Customer: Wrote and maintain Edit Review Improvements and Extension:ORES, which read the ORES API and cache scores in the MediaWiki database.
Tool developers Customer: Consume ORES API.

List of bots using ORES

Users Customer: indirect contact, mediated by third-party UX. Feedback via surveys, web logs, bug reports, JADE. -
Wiki Education Foundation
Customer: Consumes our API from http://dashboard.wikiedu.org ai@lists.wikimedia.org
WMF Technology Owner: Reporting unit for, sponsor of the Scoring Platform team.
Academic researchers Customer: Pull bulk data from ORES and use it in research.

List of papers using ORES

Wikimedia Deutschland Owner: Sponsors ladsgroup, 2015 - current
Wikimedia Foundation Owner: Employs halfak and awight, June 2017 - current
WMF Individual Engagement Grants Grantmaker:

TODO: Port list of users.