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Large numbers of small contributions

Adam Roses Wight. Software developer employed by Wikimedia Foundation, in the Fundraising tech group.

Thank you for stressin' the system with large numbers of small contributions — the average donation is $20 USD.[1] This more than anything else allows us to remain independent. See "The Revolution Will Not Be Funded", edited by INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence for a discussion of some of the reasons why relying on large donations might be harmful to your health.

Offline Editorship[edit]

  • Submissions/Collaborative_drafts, a discussion I'd like to have with editors about making "Undo" more friendly.
  • See a human-readable description in IdeaLab.
  • Extension:Nonlinear for branching article revisioning
    • Would decouple resolving any nontrivial three-way merge from making the edit itself.
    • Represent revisions as a delta. Allows better asynchronous editing.
      • The new visual editor will likely batch operational transformations, there's yer delta.
      • Deltas would have N=||cross product|| possible combined resolutions, depending on a choice of selection. Article state at any time could be ambiguous, and multiple.
  • Extension:Protection: article protection is too difficult to improve, because it is currently managed by MW core code. Once these permissions have been componentized, it will be more clear how to hook in alternative permission schemes.
  • Extension:Offline is a stopgap offline editing mode for wikipedia.
    • Currently, this extension can more or less efficiently read the .xml.bz2 format.
    • The next big move would be to read archives in OpenZIM format, but this is modified HTML and not wiki text. Perhaps OpenZIM can be re-specified to include markup source.
    • Unfortunately, this extension requires a minimal LAMP stack, which makes it a poor fit for mobile devices.
  • Extension:Parsoid will produce an embeddable library that can parse, render and edit wiki markup. This will eliminate the LAMP requirement for offline interaction.

ORES revision scoring service[edit]

With luck and doggedness, my proposal for resuming work on the "Revision scoring as a service" project will be approved for 6 months in 2017. The ORES group is dramatically underfunded, however, so this will require sleight of hand.[citation needed]


I'd like to help implement daily incrementals of the Wikidata JSON stream. (TBD Phabricator)

And play a role in realizing this magnificent proposal led by Ariel Glenn: Wikitech:Dumps/Dumps 2.0: Redesign.


We need this right away, yesterday truth be told. The latest harassment survey shows that other gender, women, and culturally diverse community members experience disproportionate badness. Not only can we not afford to allow this to happen when we might be able to prevent it working together through social and technical interventions, but it's plainly immoral and unjust. I hear there are jobs opening in March 2016, see you in line for an interview!


  • Please read Peter Gallert's explanations of why the Wikipedia project would benefit by inviting Indigenous knowledge.

Random personal projects[edit]

HTML5 transclusion[edit]

This is an open problem which would benefit us enormously if it one day manifests the right solution. (TBD: link to index of Wikimedia discussions about this.

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  1. See the official donation reports and statistics, and these graphs of the amount distribution.