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Planned deployments, linked from wikitech:Deployments. For a list of past deployments, look for 'parsoid' in wikitech:Server Admin Log.

See wikitech:Parsoid#Deploying changes to learn how to deploy a new version of Parsoid.

Monday, Mar 27, 2017 around 1:21 pm PT: YesY Deployed 6eaad376[edit]

  • task T160599: Ignore thumbtime linter errors temporarily
  • Add follow_redirects query param to the wt2html endpoint in dev API
  • task T161178: Apply defined classes to galleries
  • task T133267: Escape extlink content when containing ] anywhere

Wednesday, Mar 8, 2017 around 1:19 pm PT: YesY Deployed dec47257[edit]

  • Enable linting in production
  • Automatically detect whether Linter extension is installed
  • task T59603: Implement {{PAGELANGUAGE}}; fix language code in HTML <body>
  • ParserTests
    • Add an option to force strong normalization of parser tests
    • Fix bin/parserTests.js --help
    • Clean up parserTests output
    • Collect and print summary information at end of parser tests

Wednesday, Mar 1, 2017 around 1:45 pm PT: YesY Deployed 9f96b2a0[edit]

  • Fix namespace bug exposed by ae90e7cd
  • Update CSS modules added to header
  • Use videoinfo if it's available
  • useVideoInfo is only for legacy requests
  • task T50900: Set mw:Error and provide error info in data-mw for ext/tpl
  • Bug fix in Async Token Transform Manager
  • Refactor in link handler
    • Refactor file handling a bit
    • Break img element handling out to its own func
    • Refactor figure html2wt to be a little more elt agnostic
    • Remove unused PrefixOptionsReverseMap
    • Pass dataMw to the media handlers
    • Fetch link info from data-mw even when no link is present
  • ParserTests, and bunch of fixes and refactors, including:
    • Pull out a parserTests.utils.js
    • Use sync-parserTests.js with other targets
    • task T114256: Run tests against the Cite parserTests
    • Move parsoid's ref tests to citeParserTests.txt
    • Avoid max callstack size exceeded in parserTests
    • Add TimedMediaHandler parserTests.txt
    • Get rid of PARSOID_MOCKAPI_URL env var 
    • task T156295: Make <indicator> tests php only
    • task T156296: Update baseconfigs, this time including enwiki

Tuesday, Feb 14, 2017 around 10:15 am PT: YesY Deployed 79ccfb93[edit]

Tuesday, Feb 7, 2017 around 10:15 am PT: YesY Deployed f0732260[edit]

  • Code refactoring in TemplateHandler
  • Don't count known images as errors
  • task T109897: Remove implicit_table_data_tag rule
  • Remove special-case non-void semantics for <source>

Tuesday, Jan 31, 2017 around 10:50 am PT: YesY Deployed 734dc996[edit]

  • task T98960: Accept entities in extlink href and url links
  • Stop normalizing hrefs by stripping "./" in html/parsoid sections
  • task T155070: Set relativeLinkPrefix before setting titlePageURI
  • Fallback to mw:Error for missing images
  • Get wfIsBadImage() information in API requests
  • Shadow href w/ the original value, not the current one
  • API improvements needed for ProofreadPage extension
  • Set src as the original value when using title as href
  • Use onAnchor for sanitizing link href's as well
  • Bump to domino@1.0.28
  • Fix to resolveTemplateTarget to better handle magic word aliases

Tuesday, Jan 24, 2017 around 10:45 am PT: YesY Deployed d000fdb4[edit]

  • task T58846: Port sanitizer changes from core commit feb23b46
  • Switch to npm@3
  • Bump service-runner to 2.1.13 and various deps minor versions
  • Frame args is expected to be an array
  • Don't accept pipe unconditionally in extlink
  • task T154804: Serialize gallery without attrs in data-mw
  • task T152633: Fix crasher from ConstrainedText
  • flow-board is a known contentmodel

Wednesday, Jan 18, 2017 - Thursday, Jan 19, 2017: YesY Upgrading Parsoid cluster to node v6.9.1[edit]

Thursday, Jan 5, 2017 around 10:16 am PT: YesY Deployed 974dd5b3[edit]

wt2html tokenizer

  • Make the tplarg rule resemble template
  • tplargs don't have k=v pairs, only values
  • Give a chance to break on | in element attribute name in template
  • Suppress breaking on table pipe in tags
  • Suppress breaking on tableCellArg in block tags too
  • Remove unreachable action
  • task T143183: Extensions take precedence over templates
  • Get rid of the generic_tag rule

Other wt2html

  • Escape cite ids with Sanitizer.escapeId
  • task T102134: Fix cite hrefs to render properly
  • Percent-encode | char in the stylesheet link tag in <head>
  • Percent-encode the entire thing
  • Get rid of BehaviorSwitchPreprocessor
  • task T113044: Complete templatearg representation in spec

Linter (not yet enabled in production)

  • Fix obsolete tags linting + ignore BIG
  • Cleanup and add tests for multi-template

Code cleanup

  • Code cleanup in MWParserEnvironment.js
  • ApiRequest.js.request: Add comment to clarify intent

Deployments from previous years[edit]