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Planned deployments, linked from wikitech:Deployments. For a list of past deployments, look for 'parsoid' in wikitech:Server Admin Log.

See wikitech:Parsoid#Deploying changes to learn how to deploy a new version of Parsoid.

Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2018 around 10:34 am PT: YesY Deployed e5e8113[edit]

  • Update some dependencies
  • Clean up:
    • remove Batcher#onLegacyResponse
    • Move escapeRegExp from Util to JSUtil
    • Remove wrapperStyles dead code
    • Remove old defensive code
  • Speed up fast path (no logging) of Logger
  • Use Promise.async/yield in lib/ext/Cite
  • Use Promise.async/yield in lib/ext/Nowiki

Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018 around 10:42 am PT: YesY Deployed 0650195[edit]

  • LinkHandler: Inline the invocation in #getWikiLinkHandler
  • WTS: Use Promise.async/yield
  • wt2html/tt/LinkHandler: get rid of setupDataMW
  • Promisify AttributeExpander transformation
  • Bump to domino@2.0.1
  • Fix performance regression caused by 96203db

Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018 around 1:30 pm PT: YesY Deployed caee2ed[edit]

  • Hoist Page out of the MWParserEnvironment class
  • Get rid of the handleUnbalancedTables DOM pass
  • Replace `.bind(this)` and `var self = this;` with arrow functions

Thursday, Feb. 8, 2018 around 10:27 am PT: YesY Deployed 961a5cf[edit]

  • T186630: Don't try to bump parser resource use if setPageSrcInfo is throwing exceptions
  • AttributeTransformManager#process now returns a Promise
  • Replace callbacks with Promises in Logger
  • Remove remaining uses of async module

Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2018 around 10:15 am PT: YesY Deployed 8a0ff6c[edit]

  • T183515: Permit extension tags in xmlish attribute values
  • Consolidate bailing out from ext/wiki links
  • T129372: Match core's parsing of gallery dimensions
  • T181408: Rethink responsive references wrappers
  • tsr end is only valid when bailing out if there's no content
  • Use autoGenerated property when deciding on selser reuse
  • Use Promise.async/yield in various places
  • Have expandValuesToDOM return a Promise
  • Add `TokenTransformManager.addTransformP` helper
  • Bunch of minor cleanup in Frame.expand & TTM
  • Allow Frame#expand to return a Promise
  • Fix implementation of padleft/padright

Monday, Jan. 29, 2018 around 1:23 pm PT: YesY Deployed 91854ff (deploy-2018-01-29 branch)[edit]

  • T185643: Strip everything before the first pf token
  • T185346: Stop clearing tplInfo if don't find a table for fostered content
  • T185385: Fix crasher from rendering self-closed html pre tags
  • T185267: Fix infinite recursion from linting named ref cycles
  • Fix a bug linting content from templated extension tags with lint handlers

Thursday, Jan. 18, 2018 around 1:03 pm PT: YesY Config update[edit]

  • Enable useWorker

Thursday, Jan. 18, 2018 around 11:17 am PT: YesY Deployed af06386[edit]

  • T45094: Replace <span> with <sup> for references
  • Deep clone expression result before modifying
  • Fix crasher from tokenizing headings

Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2018 around 10:30 am PT: YesY Deployed 231bfff[edit]

  • Update sitematrix
  • Assert supported options for the parser pipeline cache key
  • Restrict nested refs not coming from templates
  • Give some time for async loggers to deliver fatal messages
  • Add a function to create the references node uniformly
  • Improve handling of section-wrapping and extcontent boundary conflicts
  • Linter:
    • Fix crasher in Cite - don't assume well-formedness

Monday, Jan. 8, 2018 around 1:22 pm PT: YesY Deployed e133312[edit]

  • T182349: Account for SOL transparent templates in p-wrapping
  • Only use max depth detection since we aren't doing template expansion
  • Move addRedLinks to DOMPostProcessor; allow async processors
  • T43716, T159985: Create skeleton of language variant support in Parsoid API
  • Add node-pn package
  • Linter:
    • Simplify logic a bit for readability + fix file comment
    • T183893: Linter: Suppress multiple-unclosed-formatting-tags false positives
    • Don't crash while detecting fostered content 
    • Don't emit missing-end-tag warnings for builder-inserted tags

Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2018 around 10:21 am PT: YesY Deployed 28d7734[edit]

  • T143378: Template syntax w/ empty link target shouldn't be considered broken
  • Use a Set for trace/debug/dump flags
  • Log api warnings from batch requests
  • Pass the page name when parsing extension content
  • Cleanup and refactor so mw api warnings are always logged
  • T110961: Use pure compute workers for the request processing (disabled by default in the config)
  • T123446: Bring back request timeouts (disabled by default in the config)
  • Linter:
    • Suppress false positives for multiline-table-in-list
    • Additional updates to multiline-html-table-in-list
    • Suppress false positives for multiple-unclosed-formatting-tags
    • Move linting pass to the very end
    • Make linter its own self-contained DOM pass
    • Use extension mechanism to provide ext-specific lint handers 

Deployments from previous years[edit]