Outreachy/Round 15/Bi-weekly Reports

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Stay up to date with the progress on projects through the interns' bi-weekly reports:

Week 1 [edit]

(Due Nov 23rd, 2017)

Week 2 [edit]

(Due Dec 7th, 2017)

Week 3 [edit]

(Due Dec 21st, 2017)

Week 4 [edit]

(Due Jan 4th, 2018)

Week 5 [edit]

(Due Jan 18th, 2018)

Week 6 [edit]

(Due Feb 1st, 2018)

Week 7[edit]

(Due Feb 15th, 2018)

Week 8[edit]

(Due Mar 1st, 2018)

Week 9[edit]

(Due Mar 15th, 2018)