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Last update on: 2013-06-monthly


The first prototype was released to mobile-l, and refinements are in process to settle on the final design for Android and iPhone browsers.


After testing various prototypes on, we have settled on a basic design that is now being moved to the beta site. The next step is to elaborate the second steps from menu commands.


Migration of the prototype went to the mobile geo Labs instance this week, and will be deployed to the beta site on Monday. Initial second steps of navigation are functional.


Functional changes such as adding Settings are in process.


Phil Chang, Lindsey Smith, and Jon Robson continued work on the navigation in May. The basic navigation has gone into beta testing and we've implemented article-level features like interwiki links & contents navigation, along with navigation features like random, settings, and contact.


Post-hackathon and Jon's move to SF, the Language functionality is being expanded and a proposal for making the Article Action Bar more discoverable has been designed.


The mobile nav continued its progression through the month of June. Jon, Phil and Lindsey worked together to get us closer to the new mobile experience. Language functionality got into an initial form, ready for deployment to the beta site, and the team has nearly settled the Article Action approach, along with an initial version of hiding and revealing the search bar. A relatively complete implementation of the new site UI will be pushed to the Beta site soon.


Design of the new Navigation UI has progressed to a point where the basic design can be used and tested on the mobile beta site. Work will resume when the WLM App is complete.


Jon Robson, Brion Vibber, Max Semenik, Arthur Richards, and the product team updated the mobile website with a new navigation bar, easy beta opt-in settings, new typography, and several bug fixes. The new navigation includes the Main page, a link to a random article, and settings functionality. The article page includes a new 'Read in another language' section. This is the biggest and most ambitious visual change that the mobile team has ever attempted. The new design will open the gates to new functionality by building on a cohesive new navigational infrastructure.


Sumana Harihareswara started sharing new volunteer coordination tasks with Quim Gil, the new technical contributor coordinator who started working with the Wikimedia foundation in November. They continued to follow up on contacts (such as those gained at October's Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing), recruit new contributors to the Wikimedia tech community, and mentor newer contributors. The weekly online tech chats continued on Thursdays. Sumana and others continued to grant developer access and work on Gerrit project ownership requests.


In beta, we started working on an update to our site and article navigation, including design tweaks to the left navigation menu and a new in-article contributory navigation that combines article actions (edit, upload, and watch) with a talk page link. We also experimented with Echo integration and successfully got Notifications up and running on the English Wikipedia mobile site. We hope to push all of this work to production next month.