29 November Wikimedia Open Tech Chats 17 January
Video from tech chat
What Weekly open meetings of the Wikimedia technology community to discuss technical issues, architectural challenges and process improvements.
How We're using a combination of Google Hangout on Air (an open YouTube stream from the 6th floor of the WMF office) + potential additional Hangout guest speakers + IRC for text-based communication. There's no attendance limit. You don't need Hangout to participate -- if you can play YouTube videos and join IRC, you're fine.
When Thursday, December 13, 2012, 20:30 UTC (12:30 PST), 60–90 minutes
  • Physical space: 6th floor SF office, "Collab" space
  • IRC: #wikimedia-dev connect
  • YouTube stream: [1]
Food It's a brown bag - bring your own :)
Moderator Rob Lanphier


Proposed outline for browser testing walkthrough[edit]

Background, History and Overview

  • Why Ruby?
    • Tech factors
    • Human factors
  • Why not Python?
  • Why not PHP?
  • Why Cloudbees hosted service instead of WMF/labs systems?


Three tiered architecture implements accepted design patterns. Each tier has unique appeal to certain communities we would like to attract to the project. Examples to be shown in real working code.

  • ATDD/Cucumber
  • Page Object design pattern implemented in standard page_object library (Ruby gem).
  • Tying Cucumber Scenarios to Page Objects with test steps