13 December Wikimedia Open Tech Chats 28 February
What git-deploy training
How We're using a combination of Google Hangout on Air (an open YouTube stream from the 6th floor of the WMF office) + potential additional Hangout guest speakers + IRC for text-based communication. There's no attendance limit. You don't need Hangout to participate -- if you can play YouTube videos and join IRC, you're fine.
When Thursday, January 17, 2012, 20:00 UTC (12:00 PST), 60 minutes
Food Please sign up for lunch if you're attending in San Francisco
Moderator Quim Gil


This week's open tech chat is going to be very tied to current events, where the current event is the data center migration, and specifically, our move to git-deploy as a replacement for the venerable "scap" for deployments in the new (and old) datacenters.

This talk will be geared toward people that already have deploy access due to the urgency of this training. So, while we won't be kicking anyone out who just wants to learn about this stuff, and we can probably handle a couple of basic questions that people who currently deploy should already know, we'd like to keep things largely focused on the people who need to learn this to know the new system.


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