MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group/Tasks/Feature wishlist/Robin Verhoef


COMPLETED. Thank you Robin!

This is a list of features that people would like on wikimedia

Feature Pain Point Number Link Feedback
Add colum based lists No Colum based lists in Special:AllPages 1 1
Add stats for wikitravel on No up to date stats for wikitravel 1 2
Make Special pages hidable No way to hide Special:RecentChanges and Special:Version 2 3 Not accurate. Please update with correct link
Make setting to replace sitename with image Can't replace sitename with logo 1 4 Link 4 should be for number 3. Please update with correct link.
Hide the action button when there is no action available Action button visable when there is no action 1 5 Not accurate. Please update with correct link
Function to append textfiles Not able to append a textfile to the bottom of a page 1 6 Link 6 should be for number 5. Please update with correct link
Make skins resizable Skin does't resize in different browsers 1 7 Link 7 should be for number 6. Please update with correct link.
Only release stable and better versions Permissions broke on new version and other things 4 8
A multi language wiki wizard Difficulties setting up a multi language wiki 1 9
Mass undo all change after a certain date Lot of spam after a certain date 2 10
Central button to change all the backgrounds Not able to change background on all wikipages 1 11
Optional merge user function Hard to merge users and no _ allowed 1 12
Extra safety functions Hard to protect against spam 4 13
Special page with all the documents on a wiki No list of all the documents on a wiki 1 14
Special page which lists all the categories

Infoboxes or Tree scematics

No clear indexpage of all the categories on a wiki 2 15
Email message on page edit No email alert service on edit 1 16
User permission and accounts gui No simple way to menage user permissions 2 17
Random page from category function No random preview page from category function 1 18
Extention for google cloud storage Can't link to google cloud storage 1 19
Extention updater Only manualy updating of extentions 1 20
Extention to feed product types into category tree No easy way to feed in a large number of product types into

hierarchical categories (category tree)

1 21
Allow chinese input, just searching for chinese pages No chinese search input in english wiki search 1 22
Archive outdated pages in a way No way to save old wikipages on another wiki 2 23
Make navigation bar editable Can't edit the navigation bar 1 24


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