MediaWiki 1.23/wmf1

MediaWiki 1.22/wmf22 Deployment of MediaWiki 1.23wmf1 to Wikimedia sites MediaWiki 1.23/wmf2

The latest version (labeled "1.23wmf1") of MediaWiki, the software that powers Wikipedia and its sister sites, is being deployed to all Wikimedia sites in stages, starting on Thursday, 24 October 2013 (see the roadmap).

Core changes[edit]



  • git #30c289f7 - Implement OAuth hook to get userid from username
  • git #53c2eb41 - Vary on X-Forwarded-Proto for changing-protocol redirects




  • git #a5d2812b - update composer file
  • git #e7847248 - Reorganize and add tests for inherit's naming features + skip some tests in IE8
  • git #973853e0 - Split inherit tests into different files
  • git #cafb6474 - $.ui.suggester: Suppress autocomplete's native blur handling
  • git #d61d2f03 - Factored getscrollbarwidth utility function out of suggester widget
  • git #114eca62 - Introducing QuantityValue::transform
  • git #2eb4d800 - Introducing DecimalMath
  • git #59227570 - (bug #55512) QuantityValue rewrite based on DecimalValue
  • git #d095b5c0 - (bug #55511) Introducing DecimalValue
  • git #34dcc518 - $.ui.suggester: Implemented autocompletestring for static result set
  • git #4eb43739 - Removed replacing of suggester input text when hovering a suggestion
  • git #cca5f912 - inputAutoExpand: Catch miscalculation
  • git #de6dfbf0 - (hotfix) Make inherit work with IE 8 again



  • git #61b4ec2f - Zero-padding branch code out to 4, as per GC instructions
  • git #9b3c842c - (FR #1090) trim inputs before validation
  • git #9ec2d493 - Address warning in GatewayFormChooser
  • git #88452bc5 - Wire up the new RapidError form functionality so we can actually use it.
  • git #19da12ea - Massive cleanup of session behavior.



  • git #a3be4da6 - ValidationStatistics: Showing unreviewed pages depends on config
  • git #6b91110d - Remove calls to wfDebugDieBacktrace



  • git #faff1beb - Implement support for post-edit with VisualEditor.










  • git #b2ae96ab - Send the old category and language types to Parsoid for back compat
  • git #e2fd4ff1 - Don't corrupt categories/langlinks with new types
  • git #412eb34d - Split ext.visualEditor.experimental into specific modules
  • git #58fba521 - Use jsdifflib for QUnit diff
  • git #661e43c2 - Revert "Followup c41f96c: doc parameter in constructor is not optional, remove check"
  • git #e7d27cd0 - doc: Adding missing @static to a static dm.GeneratedContentNode method
  • git #89f039f6 - Add Moriel Schottlender to AUTHORS.txt and authors string
  • git #904c5a48 - [browser test] Moving shared code to mediawiki-selenium Ruby gem (bug 53579)
  • git #febc0f56 - Defer selection-triggered updates in ve.ui.Context (bug 54675)
  • git #a12446d7 - Ignore change events while opening and closing inspectors
  • git #ac2a8396 - Use update rather than show in focusable node re-render
  • git #6560cfda - Remove simpleArray utilities from ve.js and use oojs instead
  • git #b7a4dcdb - Update oojs to v1.0.5
  • git #20bdb785 - Followup bb03e8f: fix toolbar floating
  • git #c4284054 - Add bin/ directory with updateStaticLoaders and generateDocs
  • git #c543fef8 - Cache multiple requests for $resizable's offset
  • git #1efa3271 - Recalculate $resizable offset when positioning resize label
  • git #e41d4d47 - Rename ui.Tool.static.canEditModel to isCompatibleWith
  • git #36fc3b59 - Rename oo.js to oojs.js per library name
  • git #fae7f130 - Remove oo from ve.js closure
  • git #26a1d898 - Remove ve.Factory and ve.Registry and use oojs instead
  • git #b635541d - Remove ve.getHash and use getHash from oojs instead
  • git #27078af2 - Update oojs to v1.0.4
  • git #7db65f38 - Rename @emits to @fires so we're forward compatible with JSDuck 5
  • git #4194a5a3 - Added SVG logos in new style, rm'd old pngs
  • git #6018e77d - Use OO.EventEmitter instead of ve.EventEmitter
  • git #9d915aca - Fix save dialog crash on load error
  • git #a34e0fd6 - Fix typo in documentation for ve.ce.View.prototype.getModel
  • git #421924bd - [browser test] cursor feature was not tagged @login
  • git #3f5486a4 - Use a sane recursion guard in ve.ui.Context.prototype.hide()
  • git #9eac0c8c - Followup 1878c7c5: fix check for nonexistent property .draggingAndDropping
  • git #d3c706ff - Add a node type for numbered external links (bug 53505)
  • git #efafed32 - Remove ve.{inheritClass,mixinClass} and use OO instead
  • git #832f8e1e - Document constructor params for dm.MWMathNode and dm.MWExtensionNode
  • git #828747f0 - [Browser tests] identifier for anonymous warning changed for test2
  • git #81bbba49 - Split out popup functionality from ve.ui.PopupButtonWidget to ve.ui.PopuppableElement
  • git #a3ae0478 - [browser test] Updated Ruby gems
  • git #4721367b - Follow-up 8dfbc5baa: Really don't select unselectable items
  • git #8fccb53a - Make category suggestions dropdown appear below the input box
  • git #d3cd4048 - Use .done()/.fail() instead of 'success'/'error'
  • git #7035c8de - Followup 8a4058584: use a single media source for rerendering images
  • git #fb4dcf30 - Followup c41f96c: doc parameter in constructor is not optional, remove check
  • git #266603c3 - Rename performance.parsoid.domLoad to performance.domLoad