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I cannot successfully get past step 2. What should specifically be pasted into the "Add pages from category"?

I was not able to get this to work[edit]

I successfully identified, exported and imported the approparite Templates, but they don't render property on the destination Wiki.

I have the ParserFunctions and ExpandTemplates extensions installed.

I still see funky rendering with the CSS (I'm using Vector) and red text errors.

What about licenses?[edit]

Wikipedia content is licensed CC-BY-SA by default -- does that include the Infobox templates? If so, what requirements does that impose on wikis that import them? Do I have to add an attribution clause at the top of each template I import? If my wiki is licensed GFPL, does that take care of the "SA" requirement? Klortho (talk) 19:14, 7 May 2013 (UTC)

Include Scribunto in the module namesapce[edit]

The manual says : Note that required templates may also include Scribunto modules in the module namesapce

There'isn't make automaticaly ?

Difficulty Importing Scribunto modules[edit]

It appears that many of the collapsible templates used in Wikipedia, that utilize Sribunto also require a number of lua modules, like Module:Hatnote, and Module:citation. Without these modules installed, the templates will produce lua error text, like {#invoke:Hatnote|hatnote}. We need to expand this article to show how to import the necessary modules