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Manual:Suitability of tables for sharing/pl

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This page is a translated version of the page Manual:Suitability of tables for sharing and the translation is 67% complete.

Niektóre tabele da się współdzielić między kilkoma stronami wiki przy użyciu $wgSharedTables .

Tabela Czy może być współdzielona? Komentarze
archive Nie Kolizje z ar_rev_id
category Nie Kolizje z cat_title
categorylinks Nie Kolizje z cl_from
change_tag Nie Kolizje z ct_log_id
comment Nie Houses comments linked to multiple unshareable tables.
externallinks Nie Kolizje z el_from
filearchive Nie ?
image Nie Aby stworzyć centralne repozytorium multimediów, zobacz $wgForeignFileRepos .
imagelinks Nie Kolizje z il_from
interwiki Tak The interwiki table contains mostly static data; it may be useful to share if you have many custom interwikis.
ipblocks Tak By sharing the ipblocks table, you can have "global blocks" so that a block on one wiki will block the user or IP on all other wikis using the shared database. There can be some minor issues when sharing the ipblocks table. Viz., the ipb_reason field is set as the "reason" on Special:Block when blocking a user. When a blocked user sees the "You are blocked" message, this is parsed as wikitext, and links are parsed on Special:BlockList, you will need to make sure when blocking a user that the message makes sense on all wikis. Also, block logs will not be shared. (You must also share your user table for shared ipblocks to work.)

Note that the comment table cannot be shared, which may cause issues with some blocking-related code, per phab:T214011.

iwlinks Nie Kolizje iwl_from
job Nie Kolizje job_title
l10n_cache ? ?
langlinks Nie Kolizje ll_from
linktarget ? ?
logging Nie Kolizje log_page
log_search Nie Kolizje ls_value
module_deps ? ?
objectcache Tak ?
oldimage ? ?
page Nie Kolizje page_namespace i page_title
pagelinks Nie Kolizje pl_from
page_props Nie Kolizje pp_page
page_restrictions Nie Kolizje pr_page
protected_titles Nie Kolizje pt_namespace i pt_title
querycache Nie Kolizje qc_namespace i qc_title
querycachetwo Nie Kolizje qcc_namespace i qcc_title
querycache_info Nie Kolizje qc_type
recentchanges Nie Kolizje rc_cur_id
redirect Nie Kolizje rd_from
revision Nie Kolizje rev_page
searchindex Nie Kolizje si_page
site_stats Tak The site_stats table could possibly be shared, to aggregate data over all your wikis.
tag_summary Nie Kolizje ts_rc_id , ts_log_id i ts_rev_id
templatelinks Nie Kolizje tl_from , tl_namespace i tl_title
transcache ? ?
updatelog ? ?
uploadstash ? ?
user Tak A shared user table can be used to have multiple wikis that have shared user registrations, so that users need only sign up to one wiki. Zobacz Manual:Shared database#Caveats_2 .
user_former groups Tak You would need to share the user table as well, and presumably user_groups.
user_groups Tak Sharing the user_groups table will allow you to have global user groups. As with the block log, the user rights log is not shared.
user_newtalk ? ?
user_properties Tak By default, the user_properties table is included in the list of shared tables.
valid_tag ? ?
watchlist Nie Kolizje wl_namespace i wl_title