Service class for looking up the RevisionRecord of a page. Extends IDBAccessObject.

Public methods[edit]

Get the RevisionRecord:

  • getRevisionById() - get RevisionRecord by revision ID number.
  • getRevisionByTitle() - get RevisionRecord by PageIdentity. Calling with LinkTarget instead is deprecated since MW 1.36.
  • getRevisionByPageId - get RevisionRecord by Page ID.
  • getRevisionByTimestamp()

History-based methods:

  • getPreviousRevision()
  • getNextRevision()
  • getKnownCurrentRevision() - load a revision based on a known page ID and current revision ID from the DB. Allows for caching
  • getFirstRevision() - get the first revision of the page.

Look up associated properties:

  • getTimestampFromId()

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