Manual:Page ID

For user documentation, see Help:Page ID.

A page ID, sometimes article ID (if the page represents an article), is a number that belongs to a wiki page and is unique within the scope of the wiki. It is automatically generated when a page is created and stored in the page_id field of the page table.

General features[edit]

  • New page IDs are incrementally generated.
  • A page ID is preserved across page moves, making it more reliable and stable as a page identifier than a page title.
  • If a page is deleted, its historical page ID persists in the archive table. If the page is restored, it attempts to reclaim its old page ID.
  • It does not identify page revisions, which come with numerical IDs of their own.
  • There are various ways users can retrieve a page ID on the wiki. See Help:Page ID.
  • If the retrieved page ID is 0, it means the page does not exist.
  • Certain service pages that cannot be edited, such as special pages and API pages, do not come with page IDs.


Retrieve a page ID[edit]