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This is a list of the existing bots with links to their descriptions. Many of the red linked scripts with no pages are found in the Pywikibot main folder.

Global bot scripts[edit]

Editing scripts you are allowed to run on several wikis with a global bot flag.

Name Description Compat Core Creates or modifies Interlanguage links between projects code code Fixes double redirects, and deletes broken redirects code code

Main bot scripts[edit]

Name Description Compat Core Adds text at the top or end of pages code code Manages categories code code Copies images from a wikimedia wiki to Commons code code Edits using text replacement code code Fixes disambiguation pages code code Converts HTML tables to MediaWiki markup code code Uploads images to a wiki code code Finds broken external links code code

Auxiliary programs[edit]

Name Description Compat Core This bot cleans a sandbox by replacing the current contents with predefined text. code code Makes the wiki source code look cleaner, invoked by other scripts code code Place a template on pages which are not linked to by other pages, and are therefore lonely code code Allows the operator to decide what to do about self links code code A script that transfers pages from a source wiki to a target wiki. code

Other bot scripts[edit]

Name Description Compat Core Checks for text violating copyright by looking for matches in search engines code task Moves interwiki links into standard locations code code creates backlinks from a interwiki.log file code task Used to welcome new users code code


Name Description Compat Core Deletes any protection templates that are on pages which aren't actually protected. code code Deletes pages en masse code code This script obtains a list of recentchanges and newpages and marks the edits as patrolled based on a whitelist. code code Protect and unprotect pages en masse. code code Goes through pages for speedy deletion, shows their content, and asks for each page whether it should be deleted. code task

Change general pages[edit]

Name Description Compat Core Archives discussion threads code code Moves page to another title code code Creates pages from a text file code code Refactors references and citations code


Name Description Compat Core Adds or changes categories code code Redirects pages etc. from one category to another. This also includes commons_category_redirect in core. code code Image by content categorization code task This script processes the Categories for discussion working page. It parses out the actions that need to be taken as a result of CFD discussions (as posted to the working page by an administrator) and performs them. code code This bot cleans Commons:Category:Non-empty category redirects by moving all the files, pages and categories from redirected category to the target category. For core this script is included in script with -tiny option code Adds {{commonscat}} to Wikipedia categories (or articles), if other language wikipedia already has such template code code Adds {{commonscat}} and {{commons}} to Wikipedia articles, if same name category or gallery exist on Commons. code code Program to batch create categories. code code Try to find categories for media on Commons code code Program to add uncat template to images without categories at Commons. code code Uses the links on a page to quickly populate a category code code


Name Description Compat Core A generic bot to do data ingestion (batch uploading) to Commons code code Bot delinks and replaces images code Upload images from Flickr easily code code Script to copy self published files from the English Wikipedia to Wikimedia Commons code code Copies multiple images to a wiki code code Copies images to another wiki code code Used to change one image to another or remove an image entirely. code code This bot goes over multiple pages of the home wiki, and looks for images that are linked inline (i.e., they are hosted from an external server and hotlinked, instead of using the wiki's upload function). code task Upload images from Panoramio easily code This script tags files available at Commons with the Nowcommons template. code task[1] Finds unused media using Special:Unusedimages. code code

IRC scripts[edit]

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Bots, all using the irclib, you can download it on GitHub. All scripts are experimental state.

Name Description Compat Core A wiki-maintainer script that shares tasks between workers, requires no intervention code task The controller bot for code task A IRC script to check for Recent Changes through IRC, and to check for interwikis in those recently modified articles. Can not be run manually/directly, but is run automatically by code task


Name Description Compat Core Replaces one template with another, in a way that is easier to use than in most instances code code Counts or lists the instances where templates are used code code


Name Description Compat Core A script to mass add Wikidata claims to a lot of items based on pages on Wikipedia code A script to mass import coordinates from Wikipedia to Wikidata code A script to upload the mappings of Freebase to Wikidata code A script to mass add Wikidata claims based on information harvested from Wikipedia templates. code code A script to add images to Wikidata items. code A script to handle interwiki links: connect pages to Wikidata items using language links on the page. code A script to mass create new Wikidata items. code

Unsorted scripts[edit]

Name Description Compat Core Bot to create capitalized redirects where the first character of the first word is uppercase and the remaining characters and words are lowercase. code code Script to enumerate all pages on the wiki and find all titles with mixed latin and cyrilic alphabets. code code Bad word checker bot code task Script to check recently uploaded files. This script checks if a file description is present and if there are other problems in the image's description. code code code task code task code code Script to remove EDP images in non-article namespaces. code task Goes through the disambiguation pages, checks their links, and asks for each link that goes to a redirect page whether it should be replaced. code code code Extracts OCR text from djvu files and uploads onto pages in the "Page" namespace on Wikisource. code code Edit a Wikipedia article with your favourite editor. code code code Manage featured/good article/list status template. code code Correct all redirect links in featured pages or only one page of each wiki. code code Script to follow new articles on a wikipedia and tag them with a template or perform other actions code code A TKinter window with a unicode text field where the user can e.g. edit the contents of an article. code code code code This script goes over multiple pages of the home wiki, and reports invalid ISBN numbers, converts to ISBN-13 from ISBN-10 and places hyphens. code code Script to match two images based on histograms. code code This script fixes links that contain common spelling mistakes. code code Collect articles that have n dash or m dash character in their title and create a redirect to them from the corresponding hyphenated title code code Adds missing <references /> tag and references section if needed code code Script to delete files that are also present on Wikimedia Commons. code A bot script to do some simple over categorization filtering. code task This is a script to import pages from a certain wiki to another. code This script helps to find expensive templates that are subject to be converted to Lua. code task This is a bot that uses external filtering programs to munge the article text. code code cgi script code A bot adding the title of linked web pages to bare external links; see w:en:User:DumZiBoT/refLinks by the original owner, cf. Archived Pages. code code This bot replicates all pages (from specific namespaces) in a wiki to a second wiki within one family. code code Revert your bots recent edits to pages code code This bot downloads the HTML-pages of articles and images and saves the interesting parts, i.e. the article-text and the footer to a file code Robot which runs python framework scripts as (sub-)bot and provides a WikiUserInterface (WUI) with Lua support for bot operators. code Script to remove external links that are being or have been spammed code code This bot spellchecks wiki pages. code Create country sub-division redirect pages code This bot renders statistics provided by Special:Statistics in a table on a wiki page. code Script which does substitutions of tags within wiki page content with external or other wikitext data code This script is used for summarize discussions spread over the whole wiki including all namespaces code Bot to create redirects based on name order. code code code code This bot unlinks a page on every page that links to it code code Check pages on the English Wikipedia whether they are in the form "Something, State", and if so, create a redirect from "Something, ST". code Access the bot account's Watchlist. code code This library allows the use of the pywikibot directly from COM-aware applications. code code This bot applies to wikisource sites to upload text from text layers of files in various formats, including pdf code code

Non editing scripts[edit]

Scripts which do not change wiki pages. These are allowed to run on virtually all wikis.

Name Description Compat Core Displays the ordinal number of the new articles being created visible on the Recent Changes list. code Very simple script which gets a page and writes its contents to standard output. This makes it possible to pipe the text to another process. code Used to list pages using pagegenerators. Compat equivalent: and code Used to log in code code Used to list pages using pagegenerators. Core equivalent: code code Touch/purge a page in order to refresh relations and not waiting for the queue code code

Maintenance scripts[edit]

Helper scripts for maintenance and conversion scripts

Name Description Compat Core Show and cleanup API cache folder code Helper script to convert compat 1.0 scripts to the new core 2.x framework code Download Wikimedia dump file from code Generate a i18n file from a given script code Updates the language lists in Wikimedia family files code code Convert i18n json files inside i18n folder to i18n python files - not needed in core code

Other scripts[edit]

Mostly internal scripts. No normal bots.

Name Description Compat Core This is not a complete bot; rather, it is a template from which simple bots can be made. code code This script generates a family file from a given URL code code Script to create user files (, code code Wrapper script to use compat in 'server' mode as cronjob or wrapper script to use core in 'directory' mode code code Installer script for Pywikibot 2.0 framework code Spawns an interactive Python shell code Splits a interwiki.log file into chunks of warnings separated by language. code Outputs Pywikibot's revision number and Python's version code code


  1. Until will be ported to core and integrated in, an "unofficial" standalone core version of you can find on User:XXN/

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