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load.php is a script for the front-end to hook into for loading ResourceLoader modules.

Styles not displaying[edit]

After they updated to MediaWiki 1.18 or newer, many users had the problem that their wiki showed up without styles. CSS styles were not applied; what they saw instead looks like a trimmed down version. All styles are browser defaults; no special styles are applied.


The problem in most cases is caused by the fact that requests to load.php are redirected to the MediaWiki main PHP file, which finally returns a MediaWiki page. The expected output however are CSS styles.

To fix the issue you have to add a RewriteCond and a RewriteRule in the file .htaccess. Change your .htaccess file to make sure that calls to load.php (and to api.php also.) are not rewritten.

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} -f
RewriteRule (api|load)\.php - [L]

After that load.php should return the right contents and your wiki should be styled.

Other possible problems: Manual:Errors and symptoms#The wiki appears without styles applied and images are missing

"Sessions are supposed to be disabled for this entry point"[edit]

Code executed via load.php should not rely on the user's session as its results will be cached and sent to other users. Starting from MW 1.28, this is enforced and a "Sessions are supposed to be disabled for this entry point" exception will be thrown if a session access is attempted. See these tips on how to fix.


First it checks the PHP version, which must be 7.0.13 or higher, and it includes WebStart.php . Next, it creates a ResourceLoader object and calls its respond() method, which outputs the specified resource content, including a content-type header.

A custom value for the location of the load.php script can be provided using $wgLoadScript .