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This page contains a list of common IDs and classes, especially when there is important information about what they're intended to be used for, or when there is a (possible) collision. For a more extended collection of historically grown list of IDs and classes visit Wikipedia's Catalogue of CSS classes.

Selector Skin(s) Description Availability
.client-nojs (⧼Wikibase-entitieswithoutlabel-label-alltypes⧽) Indicates the browser does not have JavaScript enabled (or the browser is not supported). If JavaScript is enabled, this is automatically removed at run time in favour of .client-js.
.client-js (⧼Wikibase-entitieswithoutlabel-label-alltypes⧽) Indicates the browser has JavaScript enabled and is supported by ResourceLoader. This is automatically added at run time, replacing .client-nojs on the <html> element.
.comment Comment (edit summary) in history, recent changes, watchlist, ... The parentheses are inside this span.
.diff (⧼Wikibase-entitieswithoutlabel-label-alltypes⧽) Diff when comparing revisions.
.editsection Around the edit section link next to section headers.
.firstHeading MonoBook, Vector, Modern The page title
.mediawiki (⧼Wikibase-entitieswithoutlabel-label-alltypes⧽)
.mw-body-content MonoBook, Vector Holds the page content, including categories, contentSub, ...
.mw-content-ltr (⧼Wikibase-entitieswithoutlabel-label-alltypes⧽) Added on the same div as #id-mw-content-text, except on special pages and file pages, or when not viewing the page (e.g. history) or if the page doesn't exist. More info: directionality support Warning: Do not use this to get the content! (e.g. in JavaScript) MW 1.18+ (r?)
.mw-content-rtl (⧼Wikibase-entitieswithoutlabel-label-alltypes⧽) See .mw-content-ltr MW 1.18+ (r?)
#mw-content-text (⧼Wikibase-entitieswithoutlabel-label-alltypes⧽) Holds everything between the page title and contentSub on the one hand, and ArticleFeedback and categories on the other hand. Present on each page view (includes history view, non-existing pages, print view, ...). Known issue: May contain other elements (bug 35247) MW 1.19+ (r111647)
#p-logo, #p-personal, #p-views, etc MonoBook, Vector, Modern identifiers for "Portlets" the skin may arrange in its navigation or sidebar. Useful for e.g. addPortletLink()
#pagehistory List of revisions when viewing action=history
.sitedir-ltr (⧼Wikibase-entitieswithoutlabel-label-alltypes⧽) When the wiki content language direction is left-to-right. MW 1.18+ (r91518)
.sitedir-rtl (⧼Wikibase-entitieswithoutlabel-label-alltypes⧽) When the wiki content language direction is right-to-left. MW 1.18+ (r91518)

Selector Skin(s) Description Availability
.ltr (⧼Wikibase-entitieswithoutlabel-label-alltypes⧽) (deprecated) When the user language is left-to-right (LTR). Before that, when the content language was LTR. See also .rtl. MW 1.18+ (r?)
.rtl (⧼Wikibase-entitieswithoutlabel-label-alltypes⧽) (deprecated) When the user language is right-to-left (RTL). Before that, when the content language was RTL. See also .ltr. MW 1.18+ (r?)
#bodyContent MonoBook, Vector (deprecated) Use .mw-body-content instead.
#firstHeading MonoBook, Vector (deprecated) Use .firstHeading instead.