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This page is a translated version of the page Manual:Huggle/User menu and the translation is 10% complete.
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  این راهنما یک کار در حال پیشرفت است. لطفاً به آن راهنماهای آزمایش‌شده، کامل هر جا که می‌توانید اضافه کنید.  

تصاویر در راهنما ممکن است با چیزی که در نسخه هاگل خودتان می‌بینید متفاوت باشد.

The User menu allows you to view and manipulate the current page. All of the commands affect the user listed on the bottom of the editor and article history.

Huggle 3 User menu

  • Increase badness score
  • Decrease badness score of user
  • نمایش صفحه بحث
  • نمایش صفحه کاربر
  • Clear talk page of user
  • Show user contributions in a browser
  • Welcome user
  • Block (Command-B)
  • Report username
  • Report user
  • Manual template
  • Edit user talk
  • ارسال پیام دستی
  • Show user info (?) displays a window with information about the user, including blocks and warnings.
  • Ignore (I) Removes all of the user's changes from the queue
  • Retrieve Contributions (U) loads more of the user's contributions
  • View talk page (A) displays the user's talk page.
  • Message (N) allows you to leave a message for the user on their talk page.
  • E-mail... allows you to send an email to the user, if you have set your email in your preferences
  • Warn... allows you to warn a user for vandalism. The sub-menu shows all of the options.
  • Report allows you to report the user to the administrators against vandalism page (if you select "Vandalism after final warning") or the usernames for administrator attention page (if you select "Inappropriate Username").
  • Block (CTRL + B) displays a window where you can block the user. This option is only enabled if you are an administrator.