This page serves as a community repository of user created extensions for Huggle. Click on a link of each extension to see its source code.

Anyone is welcome to improve or change any of these scripts

How to install a script to Huggle[edit]

  • Copy the source code of script ( ctrl + C )
  • Open Scripting → Scripts manager → New script
  • Delete all existing text in text window and then paste the source code instead ( ctrl + A, Del, ctrl + V )
  • Save and load

How to create a new script in Huggle

List of scripts[edit]


  • Hello world – Shows some features of scripting engine, well documented extension that can be useful for new users who want to understand how scripting engine works

Vandalism fighting[edit]

  • Deletion log – logs pages you nominated for deletion to your userpace
  • Invisible changes – checks text of edit for "invisible changes" where a vandal replaces words with symbols that are hard to recognize from original.
  • Patrol on delete – will mark page for which you requested speedy deletion as patrolled
  • User guard – Notify you when anyone changes your talk or user page.



  • HAN guard – protects HAN IRC from hackers by filtering unknown hostnames


  • Unscore – disables internal scoring mechanism—useful for testing of external scoring mechanisms