Available from version 1.17.0 (r68673, codereview)
Allows extensions to extend core's PHPUnit test suite
Define function:
public static function onUnitTestsList( array &$paths ) { ... }
Attach hook: In extension.json:
	"Hooks": {
		"UnitTestsList": "MediaWiki\\Extension\\MyExtension\\Hooks::onUnitTestsList"
Called from: File(s): ../tests/phpunit/suites/ExtensionsTestSuite.php
Interface: UnitTestsListHook.php

For more information about attaching hooks, see Manual:Hooks .
For examples of extensions using this hook, see Category:UnitTestsList extensions.

UnitTestsList allows registration of additional test suites to execute under PHPUnit. Extensions can append paths to files to the $paths array, and since MediaWiki 1.24, can specify paths to directories, which will be scanned recursively for any test case files with the suffix "Test.php".

Registering your tests[edit]

As of MediaWiki 1.28 (Gerrit change 302944), you no longer need to register your tests with the UnitTestsList hook as long as they are in the tests/phpunit/ directory of your extension - they will automatically be registered.

Let's assume our extension is named Fruits.

  1. Create a hook function for onUnitTestsList.
  2. Register the hook with UnitTestsList.
--- Fruits/Fruits.hooks.php

@@ class FruitsHooks {

  public static function onUnitTestsList( &$paths ) {
    $paths[] = __DIR__ . '/tests/phpunit/';
    return true;

--- Fruits/Fruits.php

// Register hooks
$wgHooks['UnitTestsList'][] = 'FruitsHooks::onUnitTestsList';

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