Available from version 1.40.0
Use the hook to add an icon that will be displayed in the mobile layout of Special:Preferences.
Define function:
public static function onPreferencesGetIcon( array &$iconNames ) { ... }
Attach hook: In extension.json:
	"Hooks": {
		"PreferencesGetIcon": "MediaWiki\\Extension\\MyExtension\\Hooks::onPreferencesGetIcon"
Called from: File(s): specials/forms/PreferencesFormOOUI.php
Interface: PreferencesGetIconHook.php

For more information about attaching hooks, see Manual:Hooks .
For examples of extensions using this hook, see Category:PreferencesGetIcon extensions.


  • array &$iconNames: A key-value array that assigns an icon name to a section name. The key is the section name, the value is the icon name.


This hook allows extensions or skins to add icons to their section in Special:Preferences's mobile layout.

You can obtain the icon names from OOJS-UI's documentation website.

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