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Available from sürüm 1.5.0
sürüm 1.36.0 (Gerrit change 622618) içinde kaldırıldı
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İşlevi tanımlayın:
public static function onParserBeforeStrip( &$parser, &$text, &$strip_state ) { ... }
Ek kancası extension.json sürümünde:
	"Hooks": {
		"ParserBeforeStrip": "MediaWiki\\Extension\\MyExtension\\Hooks::onParserBeforeStrip"
Çağrıdan: Dosya(lar): parser/Parser.php
Arayüz: ParserBeforeStripHook.php

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Note that this hook is not run on cached page content. And is also run when parsing system messages in addition to the page text.

$text will hold the text being parsed. To change the text being parsed, modify this value. E.g. to add the phrase "The mighty oracle gives forth this proclamation: " to the front of the text being parsed, you would use the following code:

$text = "The mighty oracle gives forth this proclamation: " . $text;
If you are just adding things to the start/end of a page's body and don't need it to actually be integrated into the parsing process you should consider using a separate hook to add/prepend that content instead.


Originally, the MediaWiki Parser performed a first pass which removed elements that shouldn't be processed as wiki text (e.g. <nowiki> tags, HTML comments, <pre> tags, etc.) from the page text, before processing the remaining wiki text. This process was known as 'stripping'; the stripped content (where relevant) was inserted back into the page at the end of the parse.

There were therefore three parser hooks related to the parsing process. ParserBeforeStrip was called before the stripping took place, ParserAfterStrip was called after the stripping took place, and ParserBeforeInternalParse was called just prior to the actual parse (and was intended to provide a mechanism to use an alternative parser instead of the standard MW wikitext parser).

In MW 1.14, the 'strip' stage was removed, which meant that there was no difference between ParserBeforeStrip and ParserAfterStrip, so the latter was deprecated. It also meant that the text passed into the hook now contains the full wikitext of the source page, including any <nowiki> tags, etc.

As of MW 1.36, both ParserBeforeStrip and ParserAfterStrip were completely removed, so you are now recommended to use ParserBeforeInternalParse instead of ParserBeforeStrip or InternalParseBeforeLinks instead of ParserAfterStrip, or possibly one of the other page rendering hooks if they more closely match your requirements.

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