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Add links to the footer[edit]

MediaWiki version:

As of 1.17 and after you can modify the list of links in the footer using the SkinTemplateOutputPageBeforeExec to modify the footerlinks arrays and setting new template keys for the values.

For example, putting this in your LocalSettings.php file will add a new "Terms of Use" link after the disclaimer link.

$wgHooks['SkinTemplateOutputPageBeforeExec'][] = function( $sk, &$tpl ) {
	$tpl->set( 'termsofuse', $sk->footerLink( 'termsofuse', 'termsofusepage' ) );
    // or to add non-link text:
    $tpl->set( 'footertext', 'Text to show in footer' );
	$tpl->data['footerlinks']['places'][] = 'termsofuse';
	return true;

From there you can put "Terms of Use" in the page MediaWiki:Termsofuse on your wiki, for the link's text and in MediaWiki:Termsofusepage define the title of the page that you want the Terms of Use link to point to. Note, if you do not create these pages on your wiki, then nothing will appear in the footer.

  • It is possible to add more than one link. Just add a new call to the hook for each link required. Make sure that you change the identifiers for the function and the system messages when doing so.
  • If you are adding more than one link every link is placed in a new line within the footer. Thus you might want to adjust this for the links to appear in just one line by adding e.g. the following CSS to MediaWiki:Common.css:
li#footer-termsofuse {
    float: left;
    margin-right: 2em;

Another example, if you are writing an extension using MediaWiki 1.28 or later. (1) Add this to your extension.json:

	"Hooks": {
		"SkinTemplateOutputPageBeforeExec": [

(2) Add this to your MyExtension.hooks.php:

	public static function onSkinTemplateOutputPageBeforeExec(&$skin, &$template) {
		$template->set('FooLabel', $skin->footerLink('FooLabel', 'FooPage'));
		$template->data['footerlinks']['places'][] = 'FooLabel';
		return true;

(3) Create three pages:

  • MediaWiki:FooLabel (contains text to display in footer, like 'Foo');
  • MediaWiki:FooPage (contains namespace:title of linked page, like 'Project:Foo');
  • Project:Foo (contains detailed page text).

Remember it may take a while to update due to MediaWiki caches. In case you are using Extension:MobileFrontend , which inserts a "Mobile view" link in the footer after the disclaimer link, the new footer links will come after the "Mobile view" link. To solve this, insert the above new footer links code before the code lines used to load the MobileFrontend extension.

Customizing the built-in items[edit]

You can also customize the individual built-in items by modifying certain pages or parameters:

edit MediaWiki:Lastmodifiedat. If $wgMaxCredits is enabled then edit MediaWiki:Lastmodifiedatby. You may also want to edit MediaWiki:othercontribs that shows other contributors. (6518)
  • if $wgMaxCredits is not zero it will display page editors
  • i.e. set $wgMaxCredits = 10; or any other number
edit MediaWiki:Copyright. The parameter $1 on that page is replaced with a link to the details of copyright for your wiki. In LocalSettings.php $wgRightsText for the link text and set either $wgRightsPage or $wgRightsUrl with the location of a wiki page or external URL.
this is a link only. Edit MediaWiki:Privacy for the link text and MediaWiki:Privacypage for the wiki page to which to link.
this is a link only. Edit MediaWiki:Aboutsite for the link text and MediaWiki:Aboutpage for the wiki page to which to link.
this is a link only. Edit MediaWiki:Disclaimers for the link text and MediaWiki:Disclaimerpage for the wiki page to which to link.
not currently used in the footer

To remove the privacy, about and/or disclaimer links entirely, replace the link text with a single dash ("-").


See $wgFooterIcons.

Text and Images[edit]

As of September 2016, there does not seem to be a standard way to add an entry which consists of text and an image at the same time.

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