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cleanupUsersWithNoId.php is a maintenance script that cleans up tables that have valid usernames with no user ID. It should once be run in wikis that contain imported revisions or global blocks via the CentralAuth extension.


php cleanupUsersWithNoId.php --prefix=prefix [--table=table] [--assign]
Option/Parameter Description
--prefix Interwiki prefix to apply to the usernames. This is a required parameter.
--table Only clean up this table. The name of one single table can be provided here. If not provided, all affected tables will be cleaned up. These are: revision, archive, logging, image, oldimage, filearchive, ipblocks and recentchanges.
--assign Assign edits to existing local users if they exist.


php cleanupUsersWithNoId.php --table=revision

This will only clean up the revision table.