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How to chose interwiki prefix for local wiki?

Kghbln (talkcontribs)

The prefix flag is required. How do I best choose a prefix for a local wiki instance that is not connected to or know by other wikis?

Doing an educated guess here I'd just pick a prefix that should be best used for my local wiki instance, e.g. by other wikis.

GregRundlett (talkcontribs)

I ran into an error upgrading a wiki today (1.31.7 to 1.34) which told me to run this maintenance script. Since the prefix flag is required, there should be more documentation to guide a user on what the value should be or could be. I have no idea where all the invalid users came from; and I'm even more in the dark about what the interwiki prefix is supposed to do. I just chose 'mw' which is for '' from my large list of interwiki prefixes.

Prod (talkcontribs)

The original commit for the script seems to have better documentation of what it does.-

The prefix is essentially the interwiki prefix you want to associate all the users with, assuming that they're due to some kind of transwiki.

I'm not sure what impact using '*' has, the way it's stated on the page.

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