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Ausgabe: $wgSend404Code
Sendet den HTTP-Status 404 für nicht gefundene Seiten.
Eingeführt in Version:1.19.0 (r105645)
Entfernt in Version:weiterhin vorhanden
Erlaubte Werte:(Wahrheitswert)


Web servers are supposed to send 404 responses for any not found page. If someone tries to load an article that doesn't exist, MediaWiki sends a 404 status. (Note, editing an article that doesn't exist does not send a 404 status) Some webservers try to intercept 404 responses and give "helpful" 404 response pages, which is quite annoying. Some webservers get the 404 intercepts severely wrong, causing garbage to be output. In either case, you should consider looking for a new web host, but if that's not an option then this setting can work around the issue.

In cases where for technical reasons it is more important for MediaWiki to send the correct status code than for the body to be transmitted intact, this configuration variable is ignored


Seit MediaWiki 1.28 betrifft diese Einstellung auch den Statuscode von "action=history", wenn die Seite nicht da ist.