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Parser Cache: $wgParserCacheType
Parser cache setting
導入されたバージョン: 1.5.0
除去されたバージョン: 使用中
可能な値: One of the CACHE constants (see below)
他の設定: アルファベット順 | 機能順


Parser cache setting.

Here are the available CACHE constants, as defined in Defines.php

  • CACHE_ANYTHING - Use anything, as long as it works
  • CACHE_NONE - Do not cache
  • CACHE_DB - Store cache objects in the DB
  • CACHE_MEMCACHED - memcached, must specify servers in Manual:$wgMemCachedServersManual:$wgMemCachedServers
  • CACHE_ACCEL - APC, XCache or WinCache, whichever is available, in this order. Determined by the function ObjectCache::newAccelerator.

注 注: As of MediaWiki 1.18+, eAccelerator no longer worked. Thus its support was removed in MediaWiki 1.19+.

  • CACHE_DBA (1.23 で除去済) - Use PHP's DBA extension to store in a DBM-style database


For a very large wiki (tens of thousands of pages) value of CACHE_DB might be preferable to CACHE_MEMCACHED. Although memcached is faster, it won't be able to cache everything (no reasonable amount of memory would be enough), while DB will be. Therefore DB will have much higher percentage of cache hits.

If you set Manual:$wgMainCacheTypeManual:$wgMainCacheType then the values for $wgParserCacheType and Manual:$wgMessageCacheTypeManual:$wgMessageCacheType will inherit it. You do not need to set those variables unless you plan on doing something very advanced.