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画像: $wgMaxImageArea
Don't thumbnail an image if it will use too much working memory.
導入されたバージョン:1.6.0 (r11398)
許容される値:数値 (浮動小数点数)


This value specifies the maximum number of pixels a source image can have if it is to be scaled down by a scaler that requires the full source image to be decompressed and stored in decompressed form, before the thumbnail is generated. This provides a limit on memory usage for the decompression side of the image scaler.

If set to false, MediaWiki will not check the size of the image before attempting to scale it. Extensions may still override this setting by using the BitmapHandlerCheckImageArea hook.

The limit is used when scaling images with any of the built-in image scalers, such as ImageMagick or GD. It is ignored for JPEGs with ImageMagick, and also when using the VipsScaler , extension as these situations do not cause excess memory usage.

Default is 50 MB if decompressed to RGBA form, which corresponds to 12.5 million (1.25e7) pixels or 3500×3500.

To be clear, this only prevents scaling of large images. Users are still allowed to upload large files.
警告 警告: If you increase this value, you may also need to increase $wgMaxShellMemory (Or if using GD as your image scaler, $wgMemoryLimit ).


For 25 million pixels or 5000×5000:

$wgMaxImageArea = 2.5e7;

For 36 million pixels or 6000×6000:

$wgMaxImageArea = 3.6e7;

For 49 million pixels or 7000×7000:

$wgMaxImageArea = 4.9e7;

For 64 million pixels or 8000×8000:

$wgMaxImageArea = 6.4e7;

For 81 million pixels or 9000×9000:

$wgMaxImageArea = 8.1e7;

For 100 million pixels or 10000×10000:

$wgMaxImageArea = 10e7;