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デバッグ/ロギング: $wgDebugLogGroups
Direct wfDebugLog() output for certain groups to files other than $wgDebugLogFile .
導入されたバージョン:1.5.0 (r10598)
許容される値:(array of log group keys to filenames)


Set to an array of log group keys to filenames. If set, wfDebugLog() output for that group will go to that file instead of the regular $wgDebugLogFile . Useful for enabling selective logging in production.

If a group is configured in $wgDebugLogGroups, then all debug messages with the according group key will be logged to that file, also if $wgDebugLogFile is not set! With other words: If a group key is configured in $wgDebugLogGroups, messages will be written, even if an empty value of $wgDebugLogFile generally disables debugging.

Log destinations may be one of the following:

  • false to completely remove from the output, including from $wgDebugLogFile.
  • string values specifying a filename or URI.
  • associative array with keys:
    • 'destination' desired filename or URI.
    • 'sample' an integer value, specifying a sampling factor (optional)
    • 'level' A \Psr\Log\LogLevel constant, indicating the minimum level log (optional, since 1.25)

When $wgMWLoggerDefaultSpi is set to a non-default value, $wgDebugLogGroups will probably be ignored, and the method of configuring log files will be determined by whatever logging system is invoked by $wgMWLoggerDefaultSpi.

この例では、グループ「ConfirmEditExtension」のデバッグ メッセージは「debug-ext_confirmedit.log」に、「SpamRegex」のデバッグ メッセージは「debug-spam.log」に、それぞれ出力されます。

$wgDebugLogGroups = [
	'ConfirmEditExtension'	=> $IP . '/../../home/debug-ext_confirmedit.log',
	'SpamRegex'		=> $IP . '/../../home/debug-spam.log',


$wgDebugLogGroups['redis'] = '/var/log/mediawiki/redis.log';


 $wgDebugLogGroups['memcached'] = [
     'destination' => '/var/log/mediawiki/memcached.log',
     'sample' => 1000,  // log 1 message out of every 1,000.
     'level' => \Psr\Log\LogLevel::WARNING,
 $wgDebugLogGroups['redis'] = [
     'destination' => '/var/log/mediawiki/redis.log',
     // Level can also be the literal string value of any Psr\Log\LogLevel constant
     'level' => 'info',

Some common debug log groups

  • exception, error, fatal - errors
  • deprecated - deprecation warnings
  • objectcache, caches, memcached/SQLBagOStuff - キャッシュ
  • DBPerformance, DBReplication, DBConnection - database
  • DBQuery - all DB queries
  • cookie - response cookies
  • exec - shell commands
  • session - SessionManager
  • authentication, login - AuthManager
  • ratelimit, throttler - hitting rate limits ($wgRateLimits and other)
  • resourceloader, ResourceLoaderImage - ResourceLoader
  • http, HttpError - HTTP requests to external services (via the Http/MwHttpRequest classes)
  • api - API
  • thumbnail, fileupload, fileconcatenate - image-related
  • runJobs - ジョブ キュー
  • parser, ParserCache - Parser
  • slow-parse - warnings about pages that take long to parse