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Ajax: $wgAjaxSearch
Enable use of AJAX auto-suggestion for the search bar.
Введено в версии:1.8.0 (r15888)
Удалено в версии:1.14.0
Допустимые значения:(булевы значения)
Значение по умолчанию:false


When true, this enables auto-suggestion for the search bar, using asynchronous javascript XML requests.

This also requires $wgUseAjax to be true.

Setting $wgAjaxSearch = true; causes wfSajaxSearch to be added to $wgAjaxExportList

mediawiki/skins/common/ajaxsearch.js is used to deliver the content. The script defines where on the page, and when the ajax search results will be delivered.

This setting has been removed in favor of $wgEnableMWSuggest , introduced in 1.13.0.