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Below is reference material about JavaScript that is recommended for learning about performance, good practices and advanced patterns.


Just got started learning to program, or want to start now? Then these may be more relevant for you instead.



Performance optimization[edit]


Intro to Chrome's timeline feature
  • Chrome's timeline feature: File:Demonstration of Chromium's timeline feature.webm.
  • chrome2calltree allows you to use the excellent KCachegrind profile viewer, which has call graphs, relative call frequency, grouping by file & other useful features. It works with profiles generated by V8, including Chrome.
  • nodegrind makes it really easy to profile node projects by just calling 'nodegrind script.js' instead of 'node script.js'. It produces KCachegrind-compatible output.

ECMAScript 6[edit]

Learn about the next version of the ECMAScript standard (which JavaScript implements).


Check out DevDocs. It provides a central (and offline) interface for documentation of many Web APIs and libraries (MDN, Node.js, PHPUnit, and more).

Further reading[edit]

  • superherojs.com: Collection of great articles, videos and presentations. Learn about developing, testing and maintaining a large JavaScript code base.
  • edabit.com: Learn to think like a programmer by completing small interactive challenges.

Staying up to date[edit]