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Dan Shick
Dan Shick, WMDE technical writer
Dan Shick
Technical writer, Wikimedia Deutschland
Crafty, but with sentences.

About me

Like the book "Galactic Pot-Healer", I was born in northern California a long time ago. Later, unlike the book, I was a system administrator for most of my adult life. Now I've turned my hand to something I like a lot more: technical writing.

Biking around Berlin is one of the most enjoyable activities I can imagine, despite inevitably being covered in dead gnats. I'm an amateur podcaster and novelist; I'm deeply in love with the Nanowrimo and Freesound communities.

My work

As Wikimedia Deutschland's technical writer, my goals are to discover, improve, unify and round out documentation for each and every project I'm associated with.

There's a considerable amount of documentation that needs improving so that people of every audience can find the information they’re looking for. Audiences include volunteers & the community, employees of Wikimedia Deutschland and independent users of the products. I see plenty of overlap between those groups. If the documentation someone needs doesn’t exist, I want to see it get written.

Some helpful resources

- A bevy of documentation resources at mediawiki.org
- Technical Document Re-working Group resources
- Patterns in confusing explanations: Julia Evans
- WriteTheDocs
- The I'd Rather be Writing blog

Contact me

email: dan.shick@wikimedia.de phabricator: Dan Shick

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